Just a few weeks after a Zoey 101 reunion do headlines, one of the actors who curiously wasn’t there, Alexa Nikolas, that played Nicole on the show, go Live on Instagram to information just just how toxic a workplace it was functioning on the Nickelodeon show. She spills on just how Jamie Lynn Spears, Kirstin Herrera, and also Victoria Justice bullied she on set, Dan Schneider‘s verbal abuse throughout a meeting, and also how Jamie even brought Britney Spears top top to set to “berate” the then-12-year-old TV star.

“It to be a really impressive experience acquiring to recognize Nicole, but the experience on set ended up being drastically different than exactly how I felt around Nicole.” Alexa began before delving right into what had happened top top set. She stated that after gift homeschooled, she was excited to spend time with kids her very own age and start making friends. “But then fact kicked in and also I uncovered that the lead character ~ above the show who’s claimed to it is in my best friend on screen didn’t really want to it is in my best friend in actual life.” the course, the command character she’s talking around is the titular Zoey, played by Jamie Lynn.

“There was a character on the show, Dana… to be older than us and … played kind-of a median girl character that maybe had a soft clues in there the we had actually to find, i m sorry I’m sure that’s the fact with , to be honest. However while ns was functioning on the show, Zoey and Dana in actual life, Jamie and also Kristin, began acting as a unit and I was left out. Castle would have actually sleepovers and all these various things and I was never ever invited to any kind of of them and also it to be a sad type of currently to deal with at a young age… as soon as the other actors members started seeing the that to be what to be being depicted by the command character, they wanted to impress , which ns understand, so they began acting choose that, too… ns was really left out.”

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While it began as exclusion, that wound up acquiring so lot worse. “It began to escalate. Every one of a sudden, every day ns was ~ above set, they would sort of team up together and tell me ns was one alien because I was so nice and also they would certainly make fun of me because that smiling too much. a lot of digs ~ above a consistent basis and it was beginning to win up my self-esteem.”

While filming the last illustration of season one, she had to movie a section of a scene alone with Kristin, who she knew didn’t choose her. “I was so worried to it is in alone v … we go behind a rock and also there’s no one there and also she pushes me right into the rocks and started telling me part not-so-nice things,” Alexa said.

Alexa and also her mother went come the producers for help on various occasions, but they didn’t take it the bullying seriously, she said. Still, Kristin didn’t come earlier for season 2 of Zoey 101, which Alexa believed would help. “I became an extremely close friends with Victoria Justice … us were really close and I was like, ‘yay! ns finally uncovered a girlfriend on set’… but then … we acquired into a weird dispute, i think it was about a young … she to be whispering come everybody and saying things about me and also not being friends v me anymore.”

Unfortunately, these kinds of things seem run-of-the-mill to anyone who visited an American middle school. But what happened following was means out of line. “ ‘Jamie desires to speak to you in she trailer’ … ns remember opened up the door and I saw someone that looked choose Jamie operation to the earlier of the trailer … and also then every one of a sudden, I’ll never forget the image because Britney Spears simply like, come out, and also she remained in a bralette-thing and also she ran in ~ me and started berating me and telling me that she was going come make sure that nothing come of mine career and that she to be going to make certain of it … she was like, ‘no one messes through my sister,’ and also she’s screaming at me.” The linguistic abuse do Alexa sick and once Britney ultimately left, she told her mom about what happened.

After the Britney incident, she to be pulled right into a meeting through Dan, Nickelodeon, and also Viacom, and asked her mother not to come inside — which she lawyer, who was “in cahoots with Nickelodeon” — encouraged. “, ‘I’m a next character and I don’t matter, in market terms. I need to put on a good face, i can’t take it bullying.’ Dan was like, ‘ maybe there’s some reality in what Britney said, possibly you shouldn’t be in this industry, maybe you can’t manage it,’ just f*cked increase sh*t for twenty minutes. Dan was like, ‘you understand what happens to son stars? Nothing wake up to them."”

Dan has actually long been plagued by rumors that misconduct ~ above set, though many of castle involve foot fetish and also pedophilia conspiracy theories. “I don’t feeling comfortable going into details about what I’ve checked out from Dan or what Dan is… not a nice guy,” Alexa said about him however didn’t opt to go into much more details 보다 that. He to be ousted native Nickelodeon in early 2018 and many felt that was associated to a feasible #MeToo case that Nick executives were conscious of.

Though Alexa’s allegations in this Instagram Live don’t earlier up any kind of of the conspiracy theories online, one thing is for certain — she alleges the the Zoey 101 workplace was totally toxic environment and also not one perfect for a young woman.

You can watch a screen-recording of the video on YouTube, below:

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