Blac Chyna has responded top top a brand-new account she produced following the hack.

Blac Chyna\"s Instagram account has been hacked. Chyna has evidenced that a hacker has taken control of her IG account on her Snapchat, and also has because created a brand-new Instagram account. In a video clip posted to the account, she claims that anyone hacked she is \"really yes, really really mad.\"

So far, the hacker has been posting what they claim are screencaps the Blac Chyna\"s DMs and texts. The very first post discovered the hacker posing together Chyna, writing \"I\"m around to post all of my straight messages top top IG with all the males I was talking to. I no much longer am with Rob. Ns left him and took the baby and did not even let him know. Continue to be tuned for display screen shots and also messages. Ns am sorry Rob.\"From there, alleged conversations v Chyna\"s lawyer were shared, in which the hacker declared she was speaking about her plan to take the surname Kardashian after her wedding to Rob, a move the Kardashian sister were supposedly trying come block.

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After that, the hacker common alleged messages v Young Thug and Jaden Smith. 

Finally, the hacker common what they claimed to it is in a conversation Chyna had with her girlfriend Treasure where they spoke of Chyna\"s partnership with Rob. The hacker cases that the texts assistance that Chyna was through Rob because that fame, and also has currently left him.

As of posting, the hacker still seems to have manage of the account. Chyna has actually yet to comment on whether or no the posts from the hacker are entirely fabricated.

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