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"Times of your Life" is a renowned song and advertising jingle made renowned in the 1970s through Canadian singer Paul Anka, who taped it in 1975 because that an album of the very same title. It was written by roger Nichols (melody) and Bill roadway (couchsurfingcook.com). Kodak created an advertising campaign in 1975 the featured Anka to sing a jingle entitled "Times of your Life". If the song was gift heard throughout the United says in a commercial, Anka made decision to record and release it together a single in so late 1975. The song ended up being a hit in the U. S., reaching number 7 on the Billboard warm 100 graph in February 1976 and remaining in the peak 40 because that 12 weeks. The ahead month, "Times of your Life" had spent one mainly atop the Billboard basic listening (adult contemporary) chart, Anka"s only recording to do so. Anka started including the tune in his concert appearances, particularly during his reflects in ras Vegas, Nevada. The performance of the tune is regularly accompanied by a video clip montage featuring Anka and his family and friends.

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In 2015, Anka"s record was offered in a collection of retreat promos because that the final season the the AMC television series Mad Men.more »

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Good morning, yesterdayYou wake up and time has actually slipped awayAnd unexpectedly it"s tough to findThe memories girlfriend left behindRemember, perform you remember?The laughter and the tearsThe shadows that misty yesteryearsThe good times and also the negative you"ve seenAnd all the others in betweenRemember, do you psychic The time of her life? (do friend remember?)Reach out for the joy and also the sorrowPut them away in your mindThe memories space time that you borrowTo spend when you acquire to tomorrowHere come the saddest component (comes the saddest part)The periods are pass one by oneSo conference moments while you mayCollect the dreams you dream todayRemember, will certainly you rememberThe time of her life?Gather moments while you mayCollect the desires you dream todayRemember, will you rememberThe time of her life?Of your lifeOf your lifeDo friend remember, babyDo you remember the times of her life?Do friend remember, babyDo girlfriend remember the time of your life?

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Paul Anka Paul Albert Anka, OC (born July 30, 1941, Ottawa) is a Canadian-American singer, songwriter, and also actor. An ext »