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You signed 3 brand-new clients, each through an existing Google Ads account. What’s the best method to regulate these accounts?

Pause your clients’ projects and also redevelop them in your manager acccountUse your clients’ sign-in indevelopment to access and also control the accountsLink the client accounts to your My Client Center (MCC) manager accountConsoliday the 3 accounts right into a new AdWords account you create

Correct answer is:

Link the client accounts to your My Client Center (MCC) manager account

Explanation: Linking the client accounts to your Google Ads manager account is the finest means to manage their Google Ads accounts.If you’re an agency or someone who maneras multiple Google Ads accounts, a manager account is an effective tool that might save you time. A manager account is an Google Ads account that allows you easily watch and regulate multiple Google Ads accounts — including other manager accounts — from a single location.


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WEB TITLE: You signed 3 new clients, each through an existing Google Ads account. What’s the finest method to manage these accounts?

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