~ playing with this for three months, i am beyond frustrated. It shows $#### available but in my own financial institution account ns dont see $#### available. I usage to work main with excel and have different payments set. I simply thought this would be simpler with connected Plaid software. But instead I have to spending plan interest into the non credit card category and also when i make extra payment the activity shows a lower negative number yet some how show money available. I have read forums. But still no grasping the ide of credit transaction card integration.

when I relocate to the next month it reflects Ihave money to budget but my actual bank account begs come differ.

how do I eliminate the credit card feature and make the a consistent category?

Or deserve to someone explain since my Coding mind is putting trash in and also getting rubbish out....

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Is over there any way to call?

i dont feel favor exposing myself, by providing out amounts.

much more than two credit cards if the task says -100 but 200 has been paid and 300 had actually been spent. I spending plan 200 for the month and the much right column says 100 dollars is accessible how is this possible?

The interest and also fees gift 100 in the category above non credit transaction card. Perform I break-up the credit card payment to the interest and also the monthly payment?

Proceeding into the next month that extra $100 indigenous the vault Carriesover saying over there is $100 easily accessible but my checking account after paying 200 indigenous the last claims 0.

when I export the the record into excel I have the right to see where this calculation comes into play. But it is not aligned with other categories.

Is there any method to reach the end one top top one v the YNAB crew to aid me prevent overthinking?


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Coral Filly If you go in her budget, there is a "help" alternative (it"s a "?" in the reduced right on the web) wherein you have the right to reach out to YNAB couchsurfingcook.com directly. They"ll more than likely ask you to adjust the setting to allow them access to your budget.

The "activity" obelisk is the sum of every the activity that has actually taken place this month. Therefore if you payment 200 (+200) and spent 300 (-300), then your total activity is -100.

The "payment" tower is just how much is accessible from her budgeted dollars to salary the credit card. Therefore if you had 100 indigenous spending out of other budget categories, budgeted 200, and then payment 200 to the card, you"d have an extra 100 dollars obtainable in your spending plan to salary the map (that"s your "job"). As soon as you invest money top top the credit card and assign it come a budget plan category with obtainable dollars, the money magically moves from the budget plan category come the obtainable to pay the credit transaction card category.

The extra 100 dollars will continue to be in the payment group from month come month until you invest it on paying the credit card.