It’s tempting to simply buy into large names, and trust the herd wisdom to carry market returns. And also that have the right to work – there’s no doubt the shareholders in companies favor Apple or Microsoft space happy with their permanent holdings. But those stocks come through baggage, in the kind of high share prices. Investors seeking an easier allude of entry must look elsewhere.

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Smaller lid companies lug other advantages, too, besides reduced initial buy-in costs. Straightforward mathematics dictates the a smaller firm can thrive in value quicker than a big one. Think about the range of increase compelled for, say, apple – with a $2.4 trillion sector cap – to dual in value. A agency with a $240 million valuation, however, will have a far easier time getting to that milestone, and also the investors will reap the rewards.

With this in mind, we’ve supplied the TipRanks database come pinpoint 3 stocks that fit a profile: a industry cap under $2 billion and a re-publishing price listed below $10. Even better, these small-cap tickers have strong Buy consensus ratings from the analyst community, and also boast solid upside potential. We’re talking about over 80% here.

Xos (XOS)

EV an innovation isn’t brand-new – the been roughly since the dawn the the auto – but it has actually matured in the last pair of decades, and turned from a curiosity into a viable system. Batteries have improved, and merged with modern-day digital tech, electric cars are now achieving the range, charging times, and also reliability to contend with current combustion engine vehicles.

Xos is an electric truck maker, specializing in all-electric medium- and also heavy-duty van optimized because that ‘last-mile’ commercial operations. This is a niche specifically well suited to EVs, specifically larger, heavier models v charge ranges between 100 and 200 miles. That is sufficient for everyday operations in metropolitan areas, making last deliveries in the ‘last mile’ the a supply chain operation. Xos currently has electrical truck platforms operating with Loomis and also Wiggins lift Co., among others.

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The company is one of many that has taken benefit of increasing market conditions this year to go public, and entered the NASDAQ through a SPAC merger the was completed this month. The XOS ticker began trading on august 20, and the merger brought $216.7 million in cash come the company.

Michael Shlisky, analyzing the stock because that D.A. Davidson, notes that Xos has actually vehicles in operation and also under construction contract, in comparison to many speculative EV service providers that have actually ‘pre-orders.’ of the company’s route forward, the writes, “Xos has over 2,000 vehicles in-contract today; this backlog covers all of 2021 and also much of 2022 as well.”

Shlisky additionally points out that Xos rectal an critical niche in the trucking industry, and also is fine positioned to increase its orders.

“Xos wake up to it is in entering the course 8 truck market in a good year, at the start of what watch to be a multi-year up-cycle between shortages and delays in ~ the key ICE manufacturers. This can only help the company, together a an extensive need for brand-new truck capacity of any form and high diesel prices should lead to enhanced inquiries in ~ the an extremely least. Subsidies and also upcoming regulations provide an additional tailwind. The need for brand-new capacity in class 5-6 walk-in vans might be even an ext dire, and also the openness come trying EVs might be also greater,” Shlisky explained.

In line with these comments, Shlisky prices XOS a Buy, and also his $19 price target implies ~215% upside because that the comes year. (To clock Shlisky’s monitor record, click here)

Overall, it’s clean that wall surface Street likes what the sees here. The stock has actually 3 recent reviews, and they all agree come Buy, do the strong Buy consensus unanimous. The share is selling for $6.04, and also its $20 mean price target says that it has room to thrive ~231% in the year ahead. (See XOS stock analysis on TipRanks)


Viking Therapeutics (VKTX)

Last but not the very least is Viking Therapeutics, a clinical stage biopharma researcher developing new treatments for metabolic and also endocrine disorders. Viking is focusing on orally dosed, first-in-class therapies to treat a selection of issues, native the liver problem non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) to diabetes. The company also has actually a study line on the medial therapy of i know good fractures, and also associated muscle wasting. Viking’s medicine candidates are small-molecule compounds.

The that company pipeline attributes several monitor in continuous clinical testing. The VOYAGE study is analyzing VK2809 for the therapy of NASH. The phase 2b examine has presented clinically far-reaching results, through 88% of patient experiences upwards that 30% palliation in liver fat content. The drug additionally showed an acceptable safety and tolerability profile. Early data indigenous this examine is expected following year.

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The other significant recent clinical attempt news come from the step 1 exam of VK0214, a medicine under examination for the treatment of X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD). VK0214 pass its phase 1 psychological of safety and tolerability after dental dosing for 14 days. No adverse effects were reported, and VK0214 has been initiated in a step 1b psychological in the US. Data is expected to start coming in native this trial throughout 2022.

Standing squarely in the bull camp, BTIG analyst Justin Zelin prices VKTX a Buy along with a $20 price target. This target place the upside potential at a chuck 221%. (To watch Zelin’s monitor record, click here)

Backing his stance, Zelin writes: “We re-iterate our thesis top top Viking's VK2809, a thyroid hormone receptor beta (THRβ or THβ) agonist, to be best-in-class to Madrigal's Resmetirom, which is at this time in phase 3 development. Although MDGL has actually a 2-3 year lead in development, we mean '2809 to have actually a cleaner security profile v equally efficacious results on an essential NASH endpoints and also believe upcoming 12 week MRIPDFF interim data from phase 2b voyage in 2022 to be a catalyst for the company. Provided the similarity in heritage with added advantageous for Viking, we see large upside to share value..."

All in all, Viking has unanimous approval native the wall surface Street analysts, and also its strong Buy agreement rating is backed by 7 recent hopeful reviews. The shares are priced at $6.23 v an median price target of $15, implying ~141% one-year upside potential. (See VKTX stock analysis at TipRanks)