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“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us right into the show.

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We check out the Smackdown video clip before going into the arena to view a pyrotechnics display. Tonight, we’ll view Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton take it on American Alpha. The winners will face Heath Slater and also Rhyno for the Smackdown tag Team Championships this Sunday at WWE TLC.

Contract signing because that the Smackdown Women’s Championship complement at WWE TLC

Renee Young is in the ring. The ring is decorated with a black color carpet and has a table. Renee mentions the upcoming PPV prior to stating that Alexa Bliss will challenge Becky Lynch because that the Smackdown Women’s Championship. We’re walk to make that complement official. She an initial welcomes Alexa Bliss, who renders her method to the ring looking completely bored through the entirety procedure. We see footage the Becky Lynch gaining Natalya to submit last week. Bliss then attacked her ~ the match. Renee Young then introduces the Smackdown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch. Bliss immediately puts her hands end her ear to protect against listening come Lynch’s music.

Bliss immediately cuts Renee off and says they can take that from here. They’ll allow her know if they need any type of advice on poor fashion. Lynch makes a knock at Bliss’ Harley Quinn obsession. Bliss states she used to think Lynch was a pathetic coward that would certainly go through all costs to prevent her, but that would indicate she’s clever enough to formulate a plan. As soon as they faced each other in Glasgow, Lynch escaped with the location on dumb Irish luck. If the referee observed her foot ~ above the bottom rope, she’d it is in Smackdown Women’s Champion. Bliss says the crowd agrees with her, yet they rather boo her. Bliss is shocked. Lynch states she simply figured something out. Bliss reminds her of she cousin: they’re both blonde, have an unhealthy obsession through glitter, and cry and moan as soon as they don’t get their way. However, she cousin is four years old. What’s Bliss’ excuse? Bliss claims that to be rude and mentions that her foot was on the ropes. Lynch says at Glasgow, Bliss had actually a choice: use a foot or shed an arm. In ~ TLC, she won’t give her that choice. Lynch then indicators the contract.

Bliss claims she would love to understand what it’s like to live in Lynch’s fantasy civilization where if you’re really nice come everyone and work really hard, you can attain anything. Lynch says being nice walk not obtain her right into the best women’s match in WrestleMania history. It likewise wasn’t the reason she to be the an initial woman drafted to Smackdown Live nor the factor she’s the Smackdown Women’s Champion. She gained those things because she is relentless. She’s Smackdown Live’s variation of the honey badger. Bliss has been here 4 months and also has only accomplished multi-colored lips, some an excellent soundbites on talking Smack, and a victim’s mentality. If Bliss think that’s what it takes to it is in a champion around here, she’s in because that a crude awakening. Bliss seems like she’s getting ill and says when she hears Lynch speak, she feels favor she’s going come vomit. Life isn’t favor the Disney Channel. No issue how good you room or how difficult you work, there’s always someone better, and she’s standing in former of her. Bliss claims Lynch deserve to gather her happy charms since nothing will help when she pours ice cold water on her “Straight Fire” and also becomes the brand-new Smackdown Women’s Champion. Bliss indicators the contract and also says her surname is not “Lexy,” it’s Alexa.

Lynch says prior to Bliss says anything else, she have the right to answer this — Lynch climate punches her in the face. Lynch punches she a few times before hitting an exploder suplex. Lynch strength her right into the corner and stomps her. Lynch puts her in the various other corner and also stomps her to the pleasure of the crowd. Lynch gets rid of the black color tablecloth, location the table, and puts Bliss on the peak rope. Lynch goes for a superplex v the table, but Bliss stops her and pushes her v the table! Bliss sit on the top rope and smiles in ~ the carnage.

Later tonight, Dean Ambrose will have actually James Ellsworth as a guest ~ above The Ambrose Asylum. Comes up next, Dolph Ziggler and also Kalisto will challenge The Miz and Baron Corbin.

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Replays are shown of Alexa Bliss putting Becky Lynch v a table.

Dolph Ziggler and Kalisto vs. Baron Corbin and The Miz

Footage is displayed of Baron Corbin attacking Kalisto last week. Later on in the evening, Kalisto attacked Corbin v a chair.

Dolph Ziggler will begin the match versus Baron Corbin. Corbin conveniently goes to attack Kalisto before transforming into a dropkick indigenous Ziggler. Ziggler offers him one avalanche in the corner before knocking The Miz turn off the apron. Corbin immediately takes him down and also punches away at him.

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We come back from the rest to view Corbin punching far at Ziggler. Corbin knee him in the ribs before sending him into the corner. Corbin charges, yet Ziggler sidesteps him. Corbin easily gets come his feet and attacks Ziggler prior to knocking Kalisto off the apron. Corbin throw Ziggler out of the ring and also tags in The Miz. Miz gets turn off the apron goes under the ring. Miz pulls out a ladder and also props that up versus the ring post. Ziggler put the brakes on being sent into the ladder and gives Miz a nasty DDT ~ above the floor! Corbin tries to blindside Ziggler, but he ducks and connects v a Superkick. The referee is counting castle out, but they’re both in at nine. Miz grabs Ziggler’s foot, however he still is able to tag Kalisto.

Kalisto comes off the optimal rope v a springboard dropkick. Kalisto kicks far at him, ducks a clothesline, and also hits a springboard rotate elbow. Kalisto then connects through a head-scissor DDT because that a near fall. Miz conveniently comes earlier with a huge boot before giving Ziggler a baseball slide. Miz walk outside and sends Ziggler right into the barricade. Corbin gets to his feet close to Miz, and Kalisto wipes the out v a suicide dive. Miz quickly strikes Kalisto and puts him ago in the ring. Ziggler superkicks Miz as he attempts come get back in the ring. Maryse climbs the steel steps and also pushes the ladder right into Ziggler! within the ring, Kalisto hits Miz v Solida del Sol, yet Corbin gets in the ring and also cracks him in the spine v a chair! The referee calls because that the bell.

Winners by Disqualification: Dolph Ziggler and Kalisto

Later tonight, we’ll check out Bray Wyatt and also Randy Orton confront American Alpha. The winners face Heath Slater and Rhyno at WWE TLC for the Smackdown sign Team Championships.

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WWE 205 Live premiers immediately after Smackdown Live on the WWE Network.

American Alpha is warming up as soon as one the the backstage interviewers walk approximately them. Dasha asks if they’re prepared to face the unpredictable Bray Wyatt and also Randy Orton. Chad Gable states they’re definitely prepared. What they weren’t prepared for was the Wyatts to present up critical week when they currently won your title shot. They winner the turmoil match. Jason Jordan claims they have a lot in typical with Randy and also Bray. Gable wonders if lock know just how to levitate. They can suplex them and also eventually they’ll come back down. Jordan claims Bray and also Randy do the lights go out, however they’ll make their lights walk out. Gable says they will prove again why they’re the best team ~ above Smackdown Live. Jordan says once they see them coming, they must run.

The Wyatt Family’s video flashes ~ above the screen, and we go elsewhere backstage to check out Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, and also Luke Harper. Wyatt states American Alpha is delusional. If they want to prove they’re the biggest team top top Smackdown Live… Orton cuts him off and also says he used to be similar to American Alpha. He was naive, blind, and closed-minded. Now, he sees everything and also feels as if he belongs. They showed at Survivor series that no one can break your bond. They showed they’re the best. Tonight, they’ll carry out what needs to it is in done versus American Alpha. Orton then transforms to Luke Harper and asks if he’s walk to do what needs to be done against Kane. Wyatt speak Harper come send Kane earlier to hell. Harper stares in ~ Orton prior to angrily walking off. Wyatt takes a fast glance at Orton prior to smiling.

Carmella is watched walking backstage. She’ll be in action, next.

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Carmella collides v Nikki Bella

Carmella provides her way to the ring and grabs a microphone. She says before her foe comes out, she has actually a special message for Nikki Bella’s boyfriend. Carmella is interrupted by a “How friend doin"” chant, and she responds by speak she’ll it is in a hell of a lot better when she gets out of here. Castle boo her. Carmella states she has actually a message for man Cena. She wants to publicly apologize for what she’s walking to carry out to his girlfriend. This Sunday in your No Disqualification match, she’s walking to pick up a chair and also hit Nikki so difficult in the chest the her own… Bella Twins will certainly pop the end of she back. That’s a promise. She’ll be doing Cena a favor since she’ll rearrange her face so poor that the last thing that will certainly be on her mind is a wedding. Carmella have the right to see Nikki posting YouTube videos from her hospital bed.

Nikki Bella’s music hits, and she charges down to the ring before spearing Carmella. Nikki punches far at her and shoulders she in the corner. The referee backs her up, and also Carmella slaps she down. Nikki quickly takes her down again and the display goes black, signifying a wardrobe malfunction. Carmella eventually escapes and also runs up the ramp. Nikki taunts she from the ring.

The commentators talk around the WWE human being Championship TLC match coming increase this Sunday. We then walk to a video package highlighting what occurred last week. James Ellsworth, with a large assist native Dean Ambrose, win AJ styles in a ladder enhance to victory a Smackdown Live contract. Ellsworth is an official member that the roster.

Dean Ambrose is go backstage. Comes up next, he’ll have James Ellsworth together a guest ~ above the Ambrose Asylum.

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The Ambrose Asylum with special guest James Ellsworth

Dean Ambrose renders his way to the ring come a nice reception from the crowd. Ambrose will confront AJ layouts this Sunday for the WWE human being Championship in a TLC Match. Inside the ring is a tacky carpet, a cardboard sign saying, “Ambrose Asylum: TLC Edition,” and a table, a ladder, and also a chair. Ambrose says it’s to be a while due to the fact that he’s had actually an Ambrose Asylum, however he hasn’t shed his touch. This will be a hell the a show. His guest has two fists that fighting chance and a brand new Smackdown Live contract: James Ellsworth. Ellsworth provides his way to the ring to a kind reception holding his neck in ache from critical week’s assault at Survivor Series. Ellsworth it s okay in the ring and also looks moved by the “Ellsworth” chant. Ambrose congratulates him on his contract prior to asking how old his wrestles boots are. Ambrose says they have actually to get him miscellaneous better. Following question, did he ever before think in a million years that he’d it is in in the ring as a full time member the the Smackdown roster. Ellsworth never would have imagined he’d be a member that the roster even six months ago. However, that kept mirroring up and also showing up. Finally, he to be at the right place at the right time. Many thanks to Ambrose, he’s currently an main WWE Superstar. The crowd offers him a nice hand. If there’s anything Ambrose ever before needs, he’s best by his side. Ambrose claims he doesn’t must thank him. Ellsworth can thank God for… well, he’s more than likely got an excellent karma from a previous life. Actually, if he wants to to wash his car, execute his laundry, and also get him a six-pack after show, that would certainly be cool.

Last week, Ellsworth also earned a future chance for the WWE human being Title. Ambrose desires to put him top top the warm seat. Who is that rooting for this Sunday. Ellsworth says it would certainly be an pure honor to wrestle Ambrose because that the WWE people Championship, but on the various other hand, that has beat AJ styles three times, so probably he has his number and also can do it again. Ambrose sarcastically states Ellsworth is drunk v power.

AJ Styles’ music hits, and also he asks if this is their an interpretation of top quality entertainment. Styles looks deeply involved as he stands top top the commentary table. Layouts asks Ellsworth if that realizes what he really is. Ellsworth is just a prop to humiliation him. Ambrose would certainly be far better off with a ventriloquist dummy. Layouts says Ellsworth is around as smart as a dummy, but at least a dummy has a chin. Ambrose asks if layouts is really saying he lost to a dummy three times. Formats gets angry and also says that knows great and well the Ellsworth never would have beat that if the wasn’t for Ambrose interfering every time. Styles is tired of gift made a joke and demands respect. If Ambrose doesn’t provide it to him this Sunday, he’ll win it out of him. He’ll bounce his head off every rung the the ladder, bend steel chairs off his back, and put him through every table he deserve to find. Styles removes his championship and faces that in the ring. Formats will win him come the suggest he can’t stand anymore. When he walk that, he’ll have something unique for Ellsworth. Formats says all he has to do is show up. If he thinks his confront is disfigured now, wait until he gets a host of tables, ladders, and chairs. Ambrose claims that he can see the last couple of weeks have actually been tough on him. Styles has every the athletic gifts, however titles space won using your mind. Ambrose says formats is too basic to rattle. Ambrose claims in five days, he’ll it is in going right into the most dangerous complement in WWE with him, and also he’s worried about a mutant prefer Ellsworth — no offense. Styles better get his head top top straight because the funny times space over this Sunday. In ~ the finish of that match, he’ll be pulling under what’s rightfully his: the WWE human being Championship.

Styles shoves Ellsworth into Ambrose, who falls into a ladder. Styles then sends out Ellsworth right into the table. Layouts goes outside the ring and also sends Ambrose into the steel steps before dumping lock on height of him. Ellsworth it s okay pumped up, however Styles simply takes that down. Styles slams a ladder off his earlier and sends him out of the ring. Ellsworth is propped up against the ropes upside down. The group chants for tables, so styles flips it over. Styles takes a chair and slams it off Ellsworth’s back. Formats then sets up for a formats Clash before dragging Ellsworth to the stole steps. Styles then hits Ellsworth through a styles Clash turn off the steel steps to the floor! Wow! formats celebrates prior to referees run down. EMTs start loading Ellsworth onto a stretcher while we go come commercial.

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Replays are displayed of AJ layouts giving James Ellsworth that damaging Styles Clash on the floor. We go backstage to check out EMTs loading Ellsworth into an ambulance. Ambrose is speak this is his fault and also will do it right. They gain in the ambulance and drive off.

Kane vs. Luke Harper

Charles Robinson, the best referee ever, is the main for this match. They lock up, and also Kane quickly shoves the down. Harper quickly applies a next headlock, however Kane whips that off. Harper goes for a shoulder block, however Kane doesn’t budge. Harper tries again for the same result. Harper goes because that a clothesline, however Kane ducks, access time the ropes, and also takes the down through a shoulder block. Harper conveniently kicks Kane back and punches him. Harper kicks him, however Kane shakes that off. Harper signals because that the end, and Kane does together well. Kane punches the down and tries come lift that up, but Harper slides off and gets out of the ring. Harper quickly snaps him turn off the optimal rope and also gets in the ring, yet Kane huge boots him. Kane sends out Harper the end of the ring.

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We come earlier from the break to view Kane trapped in a chin lock. Throughout the commerial, Harper hit Kane with a slingshot senton. Kane fights increase from the chin lock and also hits a jawbreaker. Kane goes for a Chokeslam, but Harper gets out and kicks that in the ago of the knee. Harper kicks him in the head because that a near fall. Harper punches him and sends him into the ropes, but Kane comes earlier with a DDT. Kane access time a pair the clotheslines before giving that an uppercut. Kane floors him v a sidewalk slam and also picks up a close to fall. Kane avalanches him twice before hitting the ropes, yet Harper comes back with a dropkick. Harper avalanches Kane in the edge twice prior to punching him a few times. Harper climbs to the second rope and punches far at him till Kane counters ago with a powerbomb for a close to fall.

Kane tries for a Chokeslam again, yet Harper fights him off. Kane ducks a discus clothesline, yet Harper quickly captures him v a turn sidewalk slam for a near fall. Harper uses a chin lock, yet Kane fights up and hits a ago suplex. Kane goes to the height rope, but Harper sidesteps a paris lariat. Harper boots him down and also picks increase a near fall. Harper goes come the top rope, however Kane uppercuts him. Kane climate hits him v a superplex, and both guys are down. Kane sit up, and also they start trading punches. Kane all of sudden grabs the by the throat and gives that a Chokeslam because that the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Kane

Kane stands over the fallen Luke Harper and sets the ring articles ablaze. Kane then leaves the ring.

The commentators put over the benefits of having the WWE Network.

Coming up following is the key event: Bray Wyatt and also Randy Orton will take on American Alpha. The winners will face Heath Slater and also Rhyno for the Smackdown tags Team title this Sunday in ~ WWE TLC.

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We see footage from earlier in the night as soon as Alexa Bliss thrust Becky Lynch turn off the second rope through a table.

Renee Young is through Becky Lynch outside the Trainer’s Room. Lynch says she has a spinal bruise, yet she’ll it is in defending the title at WWE TLC. Renee mentions that Bliss tested her come a Tables enhance at WWE TLC. Lynch says she doesn’t care and also accepts the match. Lynch says, “I’ll obtain my revenge on that little bitch.”

The main event is next. Everyone renders their entrances.

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Winners confront the Smackdown Live tags Team ChampionsBray Wyatt and also Randy Orton vs. American Alpha

Randy Orton will start the match against Jason Jordan. Jordan it s okay a waistlock applied, but Orton transforms it top top him. Jordan fall down and takes him under for a one count. Jordan easily goes back to the waistlock, but Orton elbows him in the face. Orton puts Jordan in the corner, but he has actually a whip reversed top top him. Orton easily elbows him in the face, yet Jordan comes ago with two fast arm drags before using an arm bar. Pagan Slater and also Rhyno room seen the town hall backstage. Orton fights up and also knees Jordan prior to raking the face. Bray Wyatt sign in, and Jordan rolls him up because that a one count. Jordan quickly takes him back down for an additional one count. Jordan powers him right into the corner, and Chad Gable sign in. Gable shoulders away at him prior to Jordan tags earlier in. They hit Wyatt with stereo dropkicks. Wyatt goes the end of the ring to recover and rips the optimal of the comment table turn off in frustration. Wyatt gets back in the ring and kicks Jordan. Jordan tries for a suplex, however Wyatt block it. Wyatt climate ducks under a flying cross-body, and also Jordan hits the ropes hard. Wyatt picks up a 2 count. Orton is tagged ago in, and he kicks Jordan in the ribs as Wyatt holds the up. Orton access time a front suplex ~ above the peak rope because that a near fall. Orton starts stomping the limbs before using a chin lock. Wyatt is viewed laughing in ~ Jordan. Jordan tries to tag Gable in, but Orton stops him. Jordan punches far from him, and also Gable blind tags in. Orton sends Jordan into the ropes, yet he slides the end of the ring. Gable access time Orton through a cross-body block and knocks Wyatt off the apron. Gable punches away at Orton and also goes for a monkey flip, but Orton turns him onto the peak rope. Gable then surprises Orton with a hanging arm bar. Gable goes come the top rope, but Wyatt punches him turn off to the floor if the referee isn’t looking.

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We come ago from the break to watch Wyatt heavy avalanche Gable in the corner for a close to fall. Wyatt sends out Gable come the apron and also follows him out there. Gable punches that back, but Wyatt kicks him and gives that a DDT top top the apron because that a close to fall. Wyatt tags Orton in and also ties increase Gable’s legs. Orton punches Gable and picks up a 2 count. Orton uses a chin lock, but Gable quickly fights up and punches out. Gable access time the ropes and also kicks Orton in the face. Gable hits the ropes again, yet Orton powerslams him down for a near fall. Orton punches Gable before tagging Wyatt earlier in. Wyatt punches the down and also hits the ropes, yet Gable mr up and dropkicks him down. Wyatt conveniently knocks Jordan off the apron and also avalanches Gable before giving that a one-armed slam because that a near fall. Wyatt wildly punches far at Gable before tagging Orton earlier in. Orton puts that on the optimal rope, take away his time, and also goes for a superplex, yet Gable punches the off. Orton conveniently crotches him on the peak rope and connects through a beautiful superplex.

Wyatt and Jordan room tagged in. Jordan access time a pair of running forearms prior to dropkicking Orton turn off the apron. Jordan floors Wyatt v a belly-to-belly overhead suplex before running into a boot. Jordan easily comes earlier with a Saito Suplex because that a near fall. Orton runs in, yet Jordan conveniently sends him back out of the ring. Gable then wipes Orton out through a summersault senton off the apron. Inside the ring, Jordan hits the ropes, yet Wyatt annihilates him v a flying human body block because that a close to fall. Jordan fights out of a slam and gives that a German Suplex. Jordan it s okay pumped up, however the Wyatt Family video flashes ~ above the screen and also the lights go out. Once they come back on, Luke Harper is viewed at ringside. Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail, yet Gable stops it with a dropkick. American Alpha go for grand Amplitude, but Orton hits Gable through an RKO. Jordan easily hits Orton with a shoulder thrust in the corner. Jordan goes because that a shoulder thrust ~ above Wyatt, but Harper pushes him the end of the way. Jordan access time the ring post shoulder-first. Wyatt climate lays Jordan out v Sister Abigail because that the win!

Winners through Pinfall: Bray Wyatt and also Randy Orton

Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton will confront Heath Slater and also Rhyno for the Smackdown sign Team Championships this Sunday at WWE TLC.

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Dasha asks heather Slater and also Rhyno how they’re going come prepare for Bray Wyatt and also Randy Orton. AJ layouts walks up and says nobody cares about the tag Team Titles. Layouts says his title matters and also asks if they witnessed what the did come James Ellsworth. Rhyno measures up come Styles, and also Styles mocks him. Dean Ambrose every one of a sudden comes in and viciously attacks Styles. Lock brawl approximately the backstage area v Ambrose cram him end tables. The show ends with Ambrose insanity punching away at Styles.

Quick enhance Results

* Dolph Ziggler and Kalisto def. Baron Corbin and The Miz via DQ* Kane def. Luke Harper* Bray Wyatt and also Randy Orton def. American Alpha