Children deserve to obstacle themselves with straightforward words that start through C! While there are many methods to method spelling lessons, one option is to break up the alphabet and examine brand-new words by individual letters. Below, you"ll uncover numerous C words for kids and also tasks to save finding out fun and engaging for little bit learners.

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Kindergarten C-Word List

Kindergartners have actually a basic expertise of the alphabet and also are now prepared to use it to longer words. Check out these C words for kids, which include several CCVC words.

Practice Silent E Words

Kindergartners that understand also four-letter C words are ready to learn the phonics rules of silent E. Consider including a leschild about words that end with a silent E as you teach kindergartners about the letter C.

Match the C-Word to the Picture Worksheet

Can your beginning readers match these words that begin through C to the correct pictures? Print up a fun matching worksheet that allows kindergartners to make relations in between text and images.


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Early Elementary C-Word List

Readers in qualities 1-3 could use some C words in their vocabulary lists as well. Build foundational reading and also spelling skills via these helpful words that start through C.

Make Spelling Fun (and Competitive)

If your elementary readers are tired of spelling quizzes, it"s time to make spelling more engaging. Try out some fun DIY spelling games that are perfect for any type of classroom setting, and be sure to include these C words for children in your weekly spelling activities.

Create a Visual For Young Learners

For words to stick in childrens" minds, it"s useful to associate the words via the actual civilization. As you practice each of the vocabulary words over, you might lug some props right into the classroom. For instance, host up a candle, ask students to recognize it, and then someone deserve to walk as much as the board and create out the word.

Upper Elementary C-Word List

You"ll notice some lengthier additions here, consisting of congratulate and calculate. Take a look at this sampling of words for upper elementary students.

Make Vocabulary Into Artwork

A fun means to encourage students to remember necessary vocabulary words is to ask them to attract among the words. Give them some "totally free draw" time to choose one of their vocabulary words on a sheet of paper. You deserve to then staple their artwork to a piece of construction paper.

Play C-Word Charades

A great classroom task below is one that will certainly keep the students energetic and involved. Write every one of your vocabulary words on individual flashcards. Then, ask students to act out each of the words pulled. For this activity, they might conveniently act out companion or compose. Feel totally free to offer them access to any props that may be forced and also, perhaps, you"ll also produce a word bank on the board so students have words to choose from.

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Catapult Children"s Vocabulary

The sooner the little learners of the human being taste the triumph that comes with an ability to spell cat, the much better positioned they will be to succeed in their scholastic endeavors. As you continue to form stays, inspect out these complimentary spelling printables.

You deserve to likewise take a look at WordFinder"s list of words that begin with the letter C for more spelling and vocabulary choices. It allows you to easily produce your very own word list by filling up the progressed search fields by word size or letters included. Then, proceed the alphabet journey via these words that start with D for youngsters.