Children can challenge themselves with simple words that start with C! While over there are plenty of ways to approach spelling lessons, one choice is to break up the alphabet and also study brand-new words by separation, personal, instance letters. Below, you"ll find several C words for kids also as tasks to keep learning fun and also engaging for little learners.

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Kindergarten C-Word List

Kindergartners have actually a basic knowledge of the alphabet and are now ready to apply it to much longer words. Inspect out these C words because that kids, which incorporate several CCVC words.

Practice silent E Words

Kindergartners who understand four-letter C native are all set to find out the phonics rule of silent E. Consider including a lesson around words that finish with a quiet E as you teach kindergartners about the letter C.

Match the C-Word come the photo Worksheet

Can your start readers enhance these words that start with C come the exactly pictures? publish up a fun equivalent worksheet that permits kindergartners to do connections in between text and also images.


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Early elementary school C-Word List

Readers in grades 1-3 can use some C words in their vocabulary lists together well. Build foundational reading and spelling an abilities with these useful words that start with C.

Make Spelling funny (and Competitive)

If your elementary reader are worn down of spelling quizzes, it"s time to do spelling more engaging. Try out some funny DIY spelling gamings that room perfect for any type of classroom setting, and also be certain to include these C words for children in her weekly order activities.

Create a Visual because that Young Learners

For words to stick in childrens" minds, it"s advantageous to associate the words through the actual world. As you exercise each of the vocabulary indigenous above, you might bring some props into the classroom. For example, organize up a candle, ask students to identify it, and then someone have the right to walk approximately the board and write the end the word.

Upper primary school C-Word List

You"ll an alert some lengthier enhancements here, consisting of congratulate and calculate. Take a look in ~ this sampling of words for upper elementary students.

Make Vocabulary right into Artwork

A fun way to encourage students come remember vital vocabulary native is to ask lock to draw one the the words. Give them some "free draw" time to choose one of your vocabulary words on a sheet of paper. You can then staple your artwork come a item of construction paper.

Play C-Word Charades

A an excellent classroom task here is one that will keep the students energetic and engaged. Write every one of your vocabulary indigenous on separation, personal, instance flashcards. Then, asking students to act the end each that the native pulled. For this activity, they could easily act out companion or compose. Feel cost-free to provide them accessibility to any props that may be compelled and, perhaps, you"ll even create a word financial institution on the board so students have actually words to pick from.

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Catapult Children"s Vocabulary

The sooner the tiny learners that the human being taste the triumph the comes through an ability to spell cat, the much better positioned they will certainly be to succeed in their scholastic endeavors. Together you continue to shape lives, check out these complimentary spelling printables.

You can additionally take a look in ~ WordFinder"s list of native that begin with the letter C for much more spelling and also vocabulary options. It enables you come easily create your own word list by filling up the advanced search areas by word size or letter included. Then, continue the alphabet journey with these native that start with D for kids.