Xena, Warrior Princess take away on Diana, Princess the the Amazons (in her present iteration). No holds barred.

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Given the insanely OP levels Xena attained through the finish of the show, and the insanely OP levels Wonder mrs is an alleged to be at right now (generally taken into consideration 90% that Superman), I would certainly assume it would certainly be a nearby fight; but if not, climate enlighten me.

Who would certainly win?


Xena vs Wonder Woman

AttributeXenaWonder WomanReasoning
Strength57Wonder woman is much stronger 보다 Hercules, who was displayed to be lot stronger than Xena in the shows.
Speed35Wonder Woman's flight and speed provide her massive mobility advantages, but remember than Xena has actually beaten swifter foes.
Intelligence45Wonder woman is named as a true genius many times. While Xena's substantial smarts space impressive, she is no as clever or together quick-thinking together Wonder Woman.
Durability45Wonder Woman's near-invulnerability isn't perfect, however it outperforms Xena's slow health and wellness recovery magics and herbal remedies.
Fighting capacity (Close Combat)76Xena is far an ext skilled in combat, and is far better armed.
Fighting ability (Ranged Combat)66Draw. Both space skilled sufficient to dodge and deflect the other's ranged attacks.
Energy Projection62Xena's magic and also telepathy far outperform Wonder Woman's lasso, however much of she magic takes time to perform, and also her telepathy is only used in too much situations.
Special/Other01Point goes come Wonder woman for her vastly premium physical abilities. Speed, durability, strength, and smarts every head-and-shoulders end Xena, add to the capability to fly.
Total3537The odds space in Wonder Woman's favor, yet it would be a an extremely close fight. Xena's armed forces cunning could turn the tides in near combat, but Wonder woman is so lot stronger, faster, and tougher, Xena's fighting prowess is not most likely going come be sufficient to save up. In terms of the numbers, Wonder mrs is the most safe bet.

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