If you room any great at providing blowjobs, then you understand that in ~ the end of many oral sex meet you will come confront to confront with the direct an outcome of the man"s orgasm.

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I"m of course am talking about his ejaculation, which has plenty of names including, but not restricted to: cum, semen and jizz.

There space plenty of other phrases linked with male ejaculation such together a guy "blowing his load", however they all recommendation the same thing: the physical explusion the a man"s fluids the end of his penis.

And even if you"ve given blowjobs before, there is still a opportunity that you"ve never tasted cum before - either due to the fact that you relocated on come other develops of sex prior to he climaxed, or because you had just let the ejaculate far from your mouth.

Tasting a man"s cum is an endure unlike any kind of other!

By contrast, ns have given probably hundreds (if not thousands) that blowjobs over the years, and also have taste - and swallowed - a huge majority of those loads - and I"m no ashamed to admit it in the slightest!

So for everyone dying come learn an ext about what a man"s ejaculate really tastes like, I"m here to call you every little thing you need to know.

Cum (typically) tastes salty

Although in fact cum tastes different depending on which man it is coming from, because that the most part women (and men) define the taste the cum as salty, an initial and foremost.

Other typical descriptions space bitter or also sour in some cases.

While there are plenty of similar foods that taste very likewise to cum, a lot of the surprise originates from other elements of cum the you are not supplied to in addition to the taste.

Thick and also pastey consistency

Most instances of braided food come in hard forms, and so enduring a highly salty taste in a an ext viscous is absolutely surprising because that the an initial time.

If you"ve ever before seen cum before in videos or even in actual life, you recognize that it"s structure resembles that of a special paste...

... A texture the most human being aren"t used to eating every day!

Cum is likewise surprisingly warm

Given the a man"s cum comes right out of his body, it"s not surprising that cum is warm.

But as soon as women taste cum for the an initial time, it certain is a surprise for most.

Imagine drink a warmth smoothie and you"ll acknowledge just how odd the experience deserve to be, even without considering the braided nature of cum itself.

Will I gain the taste that cum?

From a pure odor standpoint, there"s a an excellent chance that you will not love the taste all that much.

While a small percentage of ladies genuinely like exactly how cum tastes, the remainder of them space not all that fixated on the taste itself.

However - once viewed together a whole, an ext women think about tasting (and also swallowing) cum together something castle enjoy.

Not necessarily since of the taste, but due to the fact that of the erotic nature that the act itself.

Nothing renders a male happier than a woman that swallows every one of his load and opens up vast to prove it.

Tasting cum offer no genuine purpose, other than to please the man who is ejaculating.

Men simply like women that are open to not just allowing cum right into their mouths, however to swallowing it as well.

And because of this fact, ladies actually reap the taste of cum because doing so suggests that castle are more sexual and kinky overall.This mentality of send kinkiness is prevalent in numerous other sexual spheres, such together openly owning sex toys (which part still check out as taboo come a specific degree).
Want come improve exactly how sexual and kinky you show up to men? Learn how owning sex toys deserve to do exactly that, and more!

Being as sexual of a woman as feasible can only endear you to men, and so it makes perfect sense that embracing the taste of cum is seen as a highly desirable trait.

And once you adopt cum for the emotional aspect, it quickly becomes a genuine enjoyment too!

Try pineapple to improve the taste!

Although girlfriend can"t change cum"s consistency or temperature, the really taste can it is in modified contempt by an altering the specific man"s diet.

In general, the healther a man eats (i.e. Lots of fruits and also vegetables), the much more palatable his cum will certainly be because that you.

In particular, pineapple is a common "miracle food" of kinds to help make cum taste much less salty and also just a little bit sweeter.

If you room that determined to boost the taste, climate it is definitely something friend should think about if girlfriend can obtain your guy to readjust his diet accordingly.

Having a guy eat an ext pineapples is a proven way to help improve the taste that his cum.

Pineapple juice also has the same impact if girlfriend (or your man) room so inclined!

This slight advancement in taste can be the an extremely difference between stomaching the whole experience that cum in your mouth, come deciding never to taste cum again.

Final Thoughts

Hearing a man"s suddenly outburts of "I"m gonna cum" while giving a blowjob is absolutely a badge of honor concerning your blowjob skills, however it also means preparing because that receiving his load, and also specifically whereby to get it.

Although the pure taste that cum is not a an especially appealing taste for many people, over there is an implicitly erotic association with the action of licking and also especially swallowing a man"s load.

This regularly makes the experience a lot an ext palatable come women overall - if not right away then over time.

So because that first-timers, if your an initial experience tasting cum isn"t a completely appealing experience, definitely do your finest keep an open mind.

It might take a few tries come really acquire into it, however as you begin seeing your man absolutely love the method you lick increase (and maybe even swallow) his load, you will certainly realize just just how fun and also exciting the act of tasting a man"s cum deserve to be!


Mia Hart is a proud graduate of Northwestern University, through a Bachelor"s and also Master"s degree in social Psychology.

With end 10 years of experience as a practicing counselling psychologist, Mia has actually seen firsthand how sex toys can dramatially readjust the resides of people (and couples) that room in need of enhancing their sexual and emotional well-being.

And probably most vital of all, Mia is a proud user of sex toys and also strongly trust in their ability to provide unparalleled sexual pleasure.

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Currently residents in san Jose, California, Mia loves to spend her weekends driving under to Santa Cruz to reap the beautiful beaches through her friends.