Amiddle 100 squeaky clean tracks, there’s a small handful of swearing,sex and innuenperform.

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“Will Smith don’t gotta cus in his raps to market documents.” – Eminem, The Real Slim Shady, 2002

Will “The Fresh Prince” Smith’s rap career, covering from 1987 to 2005 (or, I guess, technically this particular day, though he hasn’t put out an album in 11 years), is legendary for its squeaky and also nearly militant cleanness. His beforehand songs through DJ Jazzy Jeff were all about suburban course clvery own problems; his later on solo raps were either tie-ins to his movies or on benign topics like dancing, parenting or household fun in Florida. They’re dogmatically G- and also PG-rated, via nary a map of edginess to be discovered.

Until I decided to discover it.


I idiotically combed via the lyrics to eextremely track on every among DJ Jazzy Jeff and also the Fresh Prince/Will Smith’s studio albums. Tright here were 100 tracks total. And while risque material is VERY difficult to come by… once you look hard enough, there’s a tiny of it tright here. Nothing that ever jumps past PG-13, mind you, however for Will Smith, that’s downright filthy.

Here are the 11 dirtiest Will Smith rap lyrics ever…

1 | Candy

(from the album Big Willie Style, 1997)

Steady plottin on takin ya house,Gettin all inside of your dome, makin’ you moan.You shoulda recognized (it’s choose candy).As I’m seein you right here, Mommy I know your peepin my stare,And feelin my glare, brvarious other thinkin bout unrollin’ the bear,Strokin’ your hair. (Touchin me where?) Yeah there

The “makin’ you moan” and also “touchin’ me where/ yeah there” is a tiny even more sexually forward than Will Smith generally gets. It might be even more graphic, however I’m pretty sure the “dome” in “Gettin’ all inside of your dome, making you moan” describes him gaining into her brain through smooth talking. (Also, “unrollin’ the bear” probably describes a bearskin rug, although the creative/perverted mind can think of all sorts of ways that can be an allegory for some weird kinky stuff.)

2 | La Fiesta

(from the album Willenium, 1999)

The other night I seen her dancing,Dude, he was over.She did a separation right into a spin,And put her leg on his shoulder.And he was over.

Throughout the course of this research task, I learned approximately fifty percent of Will Smith’s songs are around interactions on the dance floor. This is the just one wright here he suggests a woman’s overtly sexual dance moves bring about a guy prematucount ejaculating.

3 | I Can’t Stop

(from the album Born to Reign, 2002)

If all these human being wasn’t in right here flocking roughly,I’d have actually you in the middle of the floor baby knockin’ you down.

And this is the only one where he declares he’d have actually sex via a womale best in the middle of a dance floor.

4 | I Wish I Made That / Swagga

(from the album Lost and Found, 2005)

Whoop somebody ass, taking my boot out.

This is the only time the word “ass” makes it into any Will Smith song.

5 | If U Can’t Dance (Slide)

(from the album Lost and Found, 2005)

There’s no lip biting or pelvic thrusts,I mean you think that move will certainly put the sting on her?You too cshed, tryin’ to put a ring on her?You don’t recognize that girl, don’t cling on her and also don’t put your thing on her.

Here, Will gives dance advice to other guys out tbelow. It’s the just time he discusses that in the time of close dancing, a woman could feel a tiny poke coming with. And yes, Next really spanned that ground thoapproximately in Too Close eight years previously.

6 | The Girlie Had a Mustache

(from the album And in This Corner…, 1989)

With a body like a goddess, male, this girl was bad!Tight leather pants that fit like a drum,And two big — yeah well, she had actually some.

The following two lines are: “Anyway from behind she was fine / But when she turned about, her mustache was bigger than mine.” It’s safe to say this song doesn’t host as much as today’s societal criteria.

7 | Code Red

(from the album Code Red, 1993)

I was all set to strike her, unhGiving the sex look like Dracula.

He never before really says the word “sex,” at leastern not external of the word “sexy.” In these lyrics, he’s far more sexually aggressive than usual — also if the “sex look favor Dracula” line provides no sense. Is Dracula well-known for providing sex looks? Odd simile choice, although it’s a decent rhyme via “attack her, unh.” Tbelow are lots of unhs and ha-has actually scattered throughout eincredibly song.

8 | Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

(from the album Big Willie Style, 1997)

Women offered to tease me,Give it to me now nice and also basic.

Big Willie Style era Will Smith is interesting, since it was written and videotaped once he was in between marriperiods. By the time he did the album Willenium 2 years later, a lot of of the sex talk quit as he was all around Jada. He’d still interact in it sometimes, yet it was incredibly rare. Throughout the Jiggy era? He was all around womales providing “it” to him nice and also basic.

9 | I Loved You

(from the album Big Willie Style, 1997)

‘Member once you supplied to blindfold me till I don’t view,Use your mind that’s what you told me.

Will reveals his kinkier side right here, albeit a softcore one. Still, if grading his lyrics on a smuttiness curve, this is him acquiring nasty.

10 | Switch

(from the album Lost and also Found, 2005)

Girl on the floor, all her friends approximately her,I expect actual clean, ain’t gotta touch or nothing,It ain’t favor I like a chick-on-chick or something.

Here Will acknowledges that some people can gain seeing two women casually engaging in erotic acts together. But not him. (This is from Will’s last album, once he’s married through kids.) Still, the mere acknowledgement lands it on the list.

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11 | You Saw My Blinker

(from the album Homebase, 1991)

Then you observed my blinker bitch.

This is the only use of the word “bitch” in any kind of Will Smith song, but it’s repetitive several times in the chorus. This is also the angriest Will Smith song BY FAR; it’s his No Vaseline or Hit ‘Em Up. What obtained him so riled up? The story of an old woguy that hit his car, then played the “I’m an old woman” card to prevent charges or culpability. He is straight up venomous on this track. It really illustprices how road rage afflicts even the a lot of mild mannered humans.

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