When will Ferrell acted choose a drunken fool and drilled a cheerleader in the head (more on the below) with a basketball at an NBA video game last month, the didn’t suppose it to it is in that large of a deal. After ~ all, his on-court shenanigans were for a scene in his upcoming comedy Daddy’s Home.

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“For part reason, ns still have blinders on when we carry out things like that,” Ferrell said couchsurfingcook.com Movies critical week once we inquiry if the production had anticipated fan footage the the scene going viral. Director Sean Anders stated they believed it might “be floating around YouTube, however the fact that the was anywhere couchsurfingcook.com and Google and also everything the next morning was surprising come us.”

Watch a fan video clip of the step shoot:

In the movie, Ferrell dram Brad, a sweet-natured radio exec who treasures being a stepfather come his brand-new wife’s two children. Yet Brad’s life conveniently unravels as soon as the kids’ biological father Dusty (Mark Wahlberg, who an initial teamed v Ferrell in the 2010 hit The other Guys) re-emerges. As soon as Brad scores Lakers ticket to admire his Kobe Bryant-worshipping stepson, Dusty responds through courtside seats. This sets increase the scene that played out in prior of about 16,000 fans at Smoothie King Arena, home of the new Orleans Pelicans on Jan. 21. Brad, left through his lonesome in the seat he purchased, drowns his misery in beer. At halftime, it’s announced that one lucky fan will have actually a chance to win tickets to Disney people by attempting a half-court shot. And also that lucky fan is a now-inebriated Brad.

When image and video clip of the film shoot struggle the Internet, many readers showed up to it is in entertained by Ferrell’s live stunt. Yet two various other factions emerged: Those that were no amused through the film’s usage of perceived violence against women for humor’s sake; and those that were encouraged the entirety thing to be real.

Watch ‘The Insider’s’ coverage the the stunt:

“People to be saying I have to be sued,” Ferrell said. “Or even civilization who knew the was part of the movie, they to be like, ‘Why go he use a actual basketball?’” (For the record, it to be a Nerf-style soft ball.) Comedian Hannibal Buress, who has actually a supporting function in the movie, claimed there to be so lot anti-Ferrell sentiment in the comments on the connect that he post on his on facebook fan page, that he ended up removed the post.

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Anders claimed it took months of coordinating v the arena, the NBA, and the Lakers and also Pelicans to plan the scene. The cast and crew landed on the arena at 2:00 p.m. That afternoon come rehearse, and also the game started at 7:00 p.m. Simply as halftime began, a PA announcement was made come the crowd telling them to remain in your seats to watch a step filmed for a new Ferrell–Wahlberg movie. All they knew was that they would be the town hall Ferrell attempt a half-court shot.


The minute Ferrell grabs the prop ball

If you clock the videos closely, you have the right to see the minute when the yes, really basketball is replaced with the softer stunt prop. “I dribbled the a pair times, then I organize it. Climate takes that away, and then ns grab the round from the males behind us,” Ferrell explained prior to pausing for a moment. “I’m providing away the secret.”

Image credit: photograph by Frazer Harrison/Getty photos for Spike TV

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