We noted best Will & Grace quotes from the show. Here you will discover the quotations of many kind of of the characters playing in the series, especially Karen Walker. You can also usage some of these Will and also Grace quotes as wallpaper. 

1- Jack McFarland: “Will, you don’t understand also. We need to aid the brand-new gays. Nurture them, make them beautiful. We have to ‘Gay It Forward’.”

2- Grace: Jack, this isn’t going to be as difficult as you think. On some level, your mother hregarding understand your gay. I expect, she has actually met you, right?

3- Karen Walker: Honey, my catchphrase is: 24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a situation, you number it out.”


4- Grace: “I feel choose I’m in ‘The Twilight Zone’. And all the human being are pigs. And I’m the pretty one, yet everyone thinks I’m ugly bereason they’re all pigs and they think pigs are pretty.

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5- Karen Walker: Honey, Stan can’t make it. He’s having some occupational done on his Mercedes. Or his… kidneys… I wasn’t really paying attention.

6- Jack McFarland: Sometimes bad world take place to excellent dogs.

7- Will Truman: This is not weird, Grace, gay republicans are weird!

8- Karen Walker: “Light beer? What’s next, non-addictive pain killers?”


9- Will: “‘Pansexual’? Isn’t that a rest speak on the road to ‘homo’?”

10- Karen Walker:You know, marital relationship is… what? Marriage is… Marriage is, okay? What the hell, that’s all you need to… Grace? Oh! Now she’s gone. She’s gone, and I’m sitting here talking to myself like a crazy perboy. Oh, my God, listen to me. I’m still doing it!


11- Karen Walker: Husbands come and go, but the Chanel slingago is forever before.

12- Karen Walker: “Well, you’re all boring and also I’m fun.”

13- Karen Walker: I want a guy who can make a womale feel choose a girl. And that have the right to make that girl feel prefer a slut. And who can make that slut feel prefer a woman.

14- Karen Walker: “That’s choose saying Pradas are just shoes, or vodka is simply a morning beverage!”

15- Karen Walker: Desperate times call for despeprice procedures. It’s time to obtain your head out of the dumps and your legs in the air!


16- Grace Adler: “How might I not have known? He was Boy George for Halloween, he has actually a diffuser on his hairdryer, and also he’s prettier than me.”

17- Jack: “But there’s always many affluent, old gay men at those points looking for younger gay men to take care of. You recognize, the way Penis Cheney takes care of George Shrub.”

18- Karen Walker: Oh my God, how have the right to you drink straight orange juice initially thing in the morning?

19- Jack McFarland: “One day I hope to have a hag of my incredibly very own.”

20- Will Truman: “When you observed Kevin Spacey you tried to gain earlier those nine bucks you passist for ‘K-Pax’. I think your specific words were: ‘hey Spacey, pay it forward."”


21- Bill : Knock! Knock! Anybody homo?

22- Karen: I’ve been favor a mother to that girl. I’ve locked her in her room, told her she was fat, and also when I even left her in a store!

23- Jack McFarland: All chaps are assless. That’s why they’re awesome.

24- Karen Walker: “Honey, tact is for people who aren’t witty sufficient to be sarcastic.”


25- Karen Walker: “Ok, dominion number one. Unless you’re offered in a frosted glass, never before come within four feet of my lips.”

26- Grace Adler: Your lips deserve to go from here  to HERE! 

27- Karen Walker: “You say potato, I say vodka.”


28- Karen Walker: OK, Rule number 1: Unless you’re offered in a frosted glass, never before come within 4 feet of my lips.

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29- Karen: Honey, I’ve constantly sassist if your genitals are on the outside, you’re hiding somepoint on the inside.

30- Karen Walker: “I’m gonna be so mad once my mood elevators wear off.”


31- Karen Walker: Would you choose me to prewarmth the stove or you wanna just dive appropriate in?

32- Karen Walker:  “Honey, once I agreed to drive you to the set, you didn’t say it was on Staten Island. How the hell am I ever gonna gain the stench of landfill and also working course family members out of tropical lightweight wool?”