Gawker – Anthony Cumia to be arrested and also charged this weekend through strangulation in the 2nd degree, unlawful imprisonment in the 2nd degree, attack in the third degree, and also criminal mischief in the 3rd and 4th degree. A woman, apparently Cumia’s girlfriend, uploaded a video of the occurrence to Periscope.

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The video clip was streamed through Periscope user “DaniGolightly.” Dani Golightly is the daughter of comedian Vinnie Brand, who owns The Stress factory comedy club in brand-new Brunswick, brand-new Jersey. In 2008, as soon as she was 19, Golightly appeared on The Opie and Anthony Show.

“Hi, i’m in lengthy Island, I obtained my hand broken, I’m wait for police come come,” the woman in the video says. “I tried to contact the police, yet he rotate the phone off.” The video clip abruptly cut away. “Oh mine God, nothing hit me!” the mrs yells. “Stay far from me!”


The Interrobang – Anthony Cumia’s attorney, Alan J. Schwartz, Esq. The Garden City, has actually released a statement responding to Cumia’s arrest Saturday morning.

“Mr. Cumia emphatically denies the allegations brought against him, and is optimistic that when the fact comes out, he will certainly be exonerated.This morning, he entered a plea of no guilty to all charges and also was released without bail, and directed come appear earlier in court in January. Merely put, things room not always what they appear to be, and this instance is a perfect instance of that.”


I provided to gain Opie and also Anthony quite a bit when i was younger and also would occasionally still keep up v it till the show broke up a year or so back when Anthony obtained in some altercation through a black lady and also then tweeted the end racially aggressive points to lose his half of the attend to SiriusXM. And also while ns not sure you can specify being a shock joke radio host who provided to gain chicks to shove Wiffle sphere bats up your vaginas together “grace,” going native a career where world once assumed you were the next Howard Stern come this seems like just around the biggest autumn from grace together I have the right to imagine. Shedding your gig, obtaining arrested on a bunch of residential violence charges, do radio present jokes and doing silly voices while chasing an rough looking 20something girl about a home on a Periscope of her documenting alleged abuse space some horrible looks. Also if the case isn’t quite what that seems, that residential violence Scarlet letter is one you don’t want. And also it seems noticeable that there to be something screwed up was going on there regardless, also if he were to be totally exonerated, it’s tough to come out of this one and also go earlier to being a lover comedic personality.

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Also, Opie and Anthony now hate every other and also Opie has actually teared increase on the display talking around their fallout’s out several times:



And brought about Opie and also Jim Norton no longer being real-life friends and having exceptionally awkward on-air exchanges prefer this on a couple of weeks ago:



Is it feasible to retroactively uneven something now? I appreciate the hrs of entertainment these guys gave me dating back to the so late 90s (kill me) but this is cringe on top of cringe on peak of cringe. This never ever would have actually happened if Patrice O’Neal to be still alive.