We’ve all gone to the store and seen the latest and also greatest smell of limited Edition Oreo’s or to be enticed by one all brand-new must have actually snack combo that will make our lives easier and also healthier. It’s obvious that totally new ideas native startup carriers come native a location of industry need or an individual passion like among our favorite – Woot Froot. Yet what drives created companies to spend beneficial resources (time, money, human capital, etc.) on new product development. Right here are six factors to invest in brand-new product development.

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Competitive Advantage:

Staying front of the vain should constantly be former of mind because that existing companies. New products provide you a competitive benefit over her competition. It could be new sales, more shelf space, customer impressions or various other advantages. If you space the sector leader, you want to store your compete advantage, if you are not the market leader – you require a vain advantage. Brand-new products allow you to focus on taking a competitive management position. Us think a an excellent example is Planters brand nuts. There’s management position in the nut category is clear and their ongoing focus on brand-new products keeps castle in front. Their brand-new dessert influenced mixes are certainly look mouthwatering.


Innovation Story:

Speaking of competitive leadership, there is the credibility the comes with being the group innovator. Innovative suppliers are assumed of as creative and ground-breaking bringing more excitement to your brand and solving customer problems. Being an initial is always much better than needing come flatter your competition by replicating something lock did very first and you wish you had actually thought of earlier. New Express is a good example that a firm that is continually innovating right into fresh cut salad solutions.


Ancillary Sales:

Every brand wants more sales and new products help. New items can not be your number one SKU driving the many sales, however they drive brand-new sales to her brand or category and they provide a continued look at existing commodities consumers may have forgotten around keeping your brand former of mind. I’m sure watermelon flavored Oreo’s are not their best seller, but each new offering generates tons of customer media attention and new purchases.

Reason to check out Your the person who lives & engage Your Consumer:Depending ~ above your classification you could see your the person who lives one to 4 times a year…maybe monthly if you’re lucky. During those meetings girlfriend probably comment on general group data consisting of pricing, promotions and also performance, but what about products. Same story various day doesn’t develop a lot of reason for the buyer to schedule one extra meeting v you or give you an ext business. New products on the other hand generate brand-new discussion and new opportunities.

Test consumer Trends

Consumers are constantly evolving which method their tastes and preferences readjust with them. In current years we’ve check out probiotic foods, gluten free, and paleo arise as just some of the important consumer food trends. Your capability to maintain an active focus on innovation and also stay existing on trends enables you come be front of the curve through emerging consumer trends and test new concepts in early stages the trends and refine them together the tendency becomes mainstream. This test and also refine concept allows you to see what concepts have potential and which to be fleeting if still keeping a compete advantage. Check out this paleo friendly cookies from Paleo Prime.


Explore Technology

Just like consumer trends drive brand-new products, developments in technology drive brand-new opportunities in miscellaneous food commodities as well, typically in the area the food packaging. Food packaging and processing developments have opened up up entirely brand-new product opportunities. Your innovation, production and also marketing team must constantly it is in exploring brand-new technology the will aid in new product development.

New product development doesn’t need to be costly, however it should be a priority. As with we talked around the power of building a marketing-minded culture, that equally crucial to encompass innovation as component of that best to foster continued organizational growth.

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