I have wondered for years why lemons have actually seeds and also limes don’t. No one could really give me an excellent answer until now.

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LA times article

by David Karp

Why don’t limes have seeds

If you’d prefer to read the totality short article, simply click on the attach over. I’m going to paraphrase a bit of it here.

Mr. Karp states that in the last 10 years or so tbelow has been a boom in the quantity and variety of limes and their brethren below in the United States. California, of course is a significant producer.

Most of us think of a lime as the massive green thing that looks prefer and also is about the exact same size of a lemon. Those are Persian limes or Tahitian or Bearss arrays and also aren’t considered “true” limes. True limes are native to India or Asia and are known in the US as Mexihave the right to, Key or West Indian limes. They are distinctive because they are little, round, very acidic through seeds and tfinish to be even more sour than the Persian limes. True limes additionally will certainly yellow as they ripen in our cool winter climate.


The factor tright here are no seeds 

And currently for the factor tbelow are no seeds in our the majority of prevalent, Persian limes. Originally, botanists gave the larger limes prefer the Persians their own “species” name, C. latifolia. But now, researchers understand also that they are a organic hybrid of the true lime. You watch, many citrus have 2 sets of chromosomes, but the huge fruited limes have actually three. The 3 sets of chromosomes provides them sterile and therefore seedmuch less. Mystery fixed.


I for one am extremely intrigued through the alternatives available to us currently. I love lemons and also limes. They add just the perfect acid and also flavor to drinks and also dishes. If you haven’t tried a Meyer Lemon, you are in for a treat. Meyers look like a lemon however taste favor a combination of lemon and ovariety. I thrive Meyer Lemons and also Persian limes at home in pots and also if I can carry out it anyone can do it. They produce 8 to 15 fruits on each of my 5 plants annually and also the blooms smell exceptional.

What to look for

Sweet Lime – these are a hybrid of citron and either sweet or sour oselection. They are tiny, round via a influential nipple. The are yellow as soon as rip and also have a pale yellow pulp. They are exceptionally low in acid and also their flavor is appreciated most by Latin Amerihave the right to and also Middle Eastern cultures

Kaffir Lime – these limes are related to “true” limes and are ideal well-known for the use of their leaves in Thai cooking. The fruit is round via a nob on the top and a bumpy rind. They are bitter and also seedy. If harvested at all, the fruit is offered in hair wash and insect repellent.

Finger Lime – these poor boys are lengthy and also skinny prefer a finger and grow as much as 3 inches long. The skin is thin and the fruit has actually firm juice vesicles that pop on the tongue like caviar. The flavor is a combination of lime and also lemon through herbaceous notes.

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Rangpur Lime – these look favor a mandarin oselection which are medium sized and also flattish through seeds. They are oarray and also are referred to as Mandarin Limes. They are aboriginal to India and is actually a hybrid of citron and mandarin. The rind and juice have a clean spicy flavor via is excellent in cocktails and marmalade.


I’m looking forward to trying some of the different arrays as they come to be obtainable. If you are a plant enthusiast you need to try growing your very own limes and lemons. Don’t let them dry out and feed them regularly and you’ll have actually fruit the year round. Even though the plant blooms in cooler weather, the fruit will develop progressively and also remain on the tree till you are all set for them. Once you have actually cut right into a lime or lemon that you just picked from your own tree and have actually it be so juicy it squirts you in the eye, you will never go back. – jughandle