The Emancipation Proclamation to be an executive order authorize by Abraham Lincoln top top January 1, 1863. That proclaimed the freedom of slaves in the ten Confederate claims still in rebellion. It likewise decreed the freed slaves can be enlisted in the Union Army, thereby enhancing the Union"s easily accessible manpower. That was an important step towards abolishing slavery and conferring American citizenship top top ex-slaves, back the Proclamation did no actually outlaw enslavement or totally free the slaves in the Union claims that still permitted it. The Proclamation increased the purposes of the Union war effort; the made the eradication the slavery right into an clear Union goal, in enhancement to the reuniting of the country.

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The Proclamation also prevented European forces from intervening in the battle on instead of of the Confederacy. Since the Emancipation Proclamation made the abolition the slavery into a Union goal, it linked support because that the Confederacy to assistance for slavery. As Lincoln hoped, the Proclamation swung foreign renowned opinion in favor of the Union by obtaining the assistance of European countries that had currently outlawed slaver. It properly ended the Confederacy"s wishes of getting official acknowledgment from European heads of state.

This lesson displayed the prominence of the immediate impacts that the Emancipation Proclamation had actually on four major American groups: the Confederate states, the Union states, the Union Army, and black Americans.



Civil War



Big Ideas

US History

Essential Questions

How has social disagreement and also collaboration been helpful to American society?

What paper or artifact ideal summarizes the unified States and also why?


Textual evidence, material artifacts, the developed environment, and also historic web page are central to expertise United claims history.

Conflict and also cooperation amongst social groups, organizations, and nation-states are vital to comprehending society in the joined States. Domestic instability, ethnic and also racial relations, job relations, immigration, and also wars and revolutions are examples of society disagreement and collaboration.


Analyze a primary source for accuracy and bias and also connect it come a time and place in United states history.

Summarize just how conflict and compromise in unified States background impact modern society.

Background material for Teacher

End that Unit Assessment

Students will execute an oral presentation of your assigned group"s perspective to the remainder of the class. Students will certainly then usage the historical debates of all four groups to write a 1-2 web page response, comparing and contrasting the impact that the Emancipation Proclamation had on each group.


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The Immediate effects of the Emancipation Proclamation

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High School

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8.3.9.A-B, D

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CC.8.5.11-12.E. CC.8.6.11-12.A

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This class was created by Nicholas Gagliano. Updated for SAS by Kaitlyn Pettengill, education Intern, Historical culture of Pennsylvania.

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The Pennsylvania Abolition culture and the cost-free Black Community

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Different Perspectives on the Emancipation Proclamation

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