Brittany Hampton scored a year-long contract with Diane von Furstenberg ~ winning the an initial season of "House that DVF." yet now it"s time because that the designer"s an initial "global brand ambassador" to discover someone to fill her stilettos.

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"I don"t know if I"m all set to leave," admits Hampton, 26, who has been promoting the fashion residence by hosting parties, attending events and giving interviews in Thailand, London, Paris and also Germany. "DVF is like an additional mother come me."

Von Furstenberg, the Belgian-born American designer who produced the iconic pave dress among other fashion innovations, isn"t all set to permit Hampton go, either.

"Brittany is a really hard worker," von Furstenberg tells the News. "She is talented, diligent and responsible. She has actually done a exorbitant job."

therefore the designer has tapped her outgoing ambassador to help her choose her instead of from the new contestants in season two, premiering Sunday night ~ above E!

"It"s absolutely hard work," advises Hampton, who put in late nights in ~ the Los Angeles office and sat in on scores of conference call leading approximately the new York Fashion mainly Spring/Summer 2016 runway display Sunday — all while spring camera-ready.

"It"s challenging — sometimes I don"t want to it is in photographed!" she says. "But girlfriend gotta acquire up, get dressed and be the ideal woman that you have the right to be as shortly as you wake up up."

The mountain Francisco native has actually been doing that pretty much due to the fact that she to be 5, as soon as she began working as a child model. After ~ that, she deserve a level at Fashion institute of style & Merchandising in mountain Diego and also worked as Nickelodeon"s in-house stylist, dressing Ariana Grande and also Jaden Smith.


Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and also DVF brand ambassador Brittany Hampton arrive at “House that DVF” season finale. (Paul Redmond/WireImage)

however nothing compares to gift the ideal hand to von Furstenberg, the fashion icon and mentor who sends "I love you" emails weekly and always asking about her employees" families.

"Yes, it"s around business, however at the exact same time, she cares around the woman I"m going come be, and also how she can aid me thrive to be that woman," Hampton says.

"Most that the class that i learned at an early stage are quiet relevant: To understand who girlfriend are and be true come that. To take it risks and be ready to fail," states von Furstenberg. "I really think her failures room your best teachers ... For this reason you need to be fearless and go for it!"

and the seven new contenders because that Hampton"s dream job that audiences will meet on Sunday are even much more fearless and also fashion-savvy than the girls from the first season.

"They"re older, they"re a lot an ext mature, and they"re a little an ext advanced in locations that we essential to flourish in," claims Hampton, that will be viewed advising them throughout the second season.

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"Wake up every morning, look in the mirror and also wink at yourself, and also that will aid you to remember yourself," Hampton says.