DWTS: Why Matt James & Lindsay Arnold's Elimination confused Some pan Dancing through the Stars fans were left perplexed after previous Bachelor Matt James and also his partner Lindsay Arnold were eliminated from the competition.

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Lindsay hugging Matt ~ above DWTS
numerous Dancing with The Stars fans were left puzzled after former Bachelor Matt James and his pro partner Lindsay Arnold were got rid of from the dancing competition Tuesday night. Typically, the present only airs top top Monday nights; however, this mainly the present featured secondary episode ~ above Tuesday in honor of the two-part Disney Night.

Following the conclusion that the 2nd night that Disney week, 2 couples were removed from the competition. At the finish of the episode, organize Tyra financial institutions gathered all of the dance couples together in the ballroom together she started to perform the duos who would be proceeding on in the competition. Then, as there was only three couples left, Tyra revealed the Sharna Burgess and also Brian Austin eco-friendly were the first pair eliminated based turn off of their an unified votes and scores. This left Matt and Lindsay as well as Real Housewives the Atlanta star Kenya Moore and partner Brandon Armstrong in the bottom two.

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When it came time for the judges to cast their votes as to which couple should continue to be in the competition, fans to be confused as to why Matt and Lindsay were the people eliminated. Bruno Toniolli was the first judge to actors his vote. He chose to save Matt and also Lindsay. Then, Derek Hough saved Kenya and Brandon. When Carrie Ann Inaba made decision to save Matt and also Lindsay, viewers in ~ hope assumed they would continue on to contend next week; however, this was no the case. Tyra explained, "That method our judges room divided. Both the the couples room still in the running." She then listed that Len Goodman would be the deciding factor, who eventually voted to store Kenya and Brandon.

fans did not know why Matt and also Lindsay were no safe because they had two votes to keep them. Realistically, Len"s poll was the reason of a tie. Unfortunately for Matt and Lindsay, the is not that easy in the ballroom. Last season, as soon as there were only three judges on the show, the 3rd judge would certainly only actors their vote for which pair should remain in the vain if there to be a tie in between the other two. Now that Len has actually returned come the ballroom and Derek has additionally remained top top the judges panel, this has actually changed. If Derek along with Bruno and Carrie Ann perform not have a unanimous vote, Len is the identify vote. In various other words, uneven all three judges make the same decision, Len"s poll is the only vote the matters.

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Although that is simply the rule of the to dance competition, numerous fans at house did not think this was fair because that Matt and also Lindsay. Not just did they have actually two votes to conserve them, however this was just their very first time gift in the bottom two. Kenya and also Brandon, top top the other hand, survived the bottom 2 last week as well. Despite many fans" sadness, Matt"s time inside the ballroom has come to an end. Currently that Kenya and also Brandon have been saved two mainly in a row, they better work even harder in rehearsals to ensure they execute not challenge this stressful situation yet again next week.