Disney"s long-awaited sequel come Finding Nemo is all around Dory, a blue tang with a memory disability who"s on a search to reunite v her family, that she has actually trouble remembering. For this reason naturally, "Unforgettable" makes a perfect layout song. However, apologies come Nat King Cole; children these days aren"t so huge on standards. Lucky for them, Ellen DeGeneres, the voice of the titular fish, dubbed in a favor and got Sia to song "Unforgettable" because that Finding Dory.

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The tearjerker that a song is perfect for a tearjerker the a movie, which, as E! News spicy out, is virtually always the situation with Pixar films. The singer quit by Ellen"s present to carry out the song last month (dressed together a jellyfish, maybe?) and also the organize revealed that she"d personally inquiry her girlfriend to cover the song. "I can"t imagine anyone rather doing this," Ellen told Sia after her performance. Sia confessed that "Dory"s story provides me teary," come which Ellen replied, "Dory"s story provides a lot of of civilization teary." Same. Only Pixar might make adult cry end a fish, a stuffed animal, or an imagine marble-hoarding hybrid that a cat, one elephant, a dolphin, and also a wad of noodle candy. I mean, really.

Rumor has actually it that the song, composed in 1951 by Irving Gordon, was originally titled "Uncomparable," however Gordon to be asked to adjust it (good call). Nat King Cole videotaped the tune in 1951, and it to be re-recorded 40 years later on as a posthumous duet between the so late Cole and his daughter, Natalie, that went on come win three Grammy Awards in 1992 for document of the Year, Album of the Year, and also Song that the Year. "Unforgettable" has actually garnered scores of covers end the year from the likes of jazz legend Dinah Washington, Rat Packer Sammy Davis, Jr., standards crooner Johnny Mathis, and also the Gambler himself, Kenny Rogers. Heck, it can be simpler to compile a list of people who haven"t covered "Unforgettable;" also Jackie Chan and also Ani DiFranco videotaped a duet in 2003.

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So walk this latest version measure up? The movie critics seem come think so. Rolling Stone and also Vulture both described Sia"s "Unforgettable" cover together "stunning," Spin called the singer a "vocal powerhouse," and also Elle dared its reader to "try come hold earlier the tears" when listening come it. MoviePilot.com"s D.C. Fenoff dubbed the "breathtaking" covering "the most beautiful rendition I"ve ever heard" and also argued because that an exception to the Academy"s ban on cover songs winning Oscars. That"s some pretty high praise.