Teen Wolf: Why the Beast that Gevaudan Is the Series' Most an effective Werewolf Of all the werewolves in the teen Wolf franchise, this monstrous shadow wolf stands over even the Alpha the Alphas.

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Teen Wolf features a vast cast that werewolves who uncover their way to the quiet city of Beacon Hills. Series protagonist Scott McCall, play by Tyler Posey, and very first season antagonist Peter Hale are just two instances of few of the powerful Alpha werewolves who hold dominion over the lesser Beta werewolves. But one werewolf towers above even the most powerful of Alphas -- the Beast of Gevaudan

Originally a damaging monster who terrorized France throughout the 1700s, the Beast of Gevaudan was revitalized by the Dread Doctors and set loosened on Beacon Hills during the occasions of the 5th season. Born Sebastian Valet, the Beast gained his powers by accidentally drinking water native a pond made by a wolf"s paw print. Together a result, Sebastien"s wolf kind was more powerful than the typical werewolf, gift made the shadows and outsizing Peter"s full Alpha werewolf transformation.

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The Beast had all the strength of a werewolf, however its abilities went past even Alpha werewolves. Beacon Hills" resident hellhound Jordan Parrish struggled against the Beast in battle. In comparison, it took both Scott and his Beta werewolf Liam functioning in sync come hold ago a hellhound. The Beast likewise lacked the usual weaknesses that a werewolf, like electrical power or wolfsbane. Hill ash worked as a obstacle -- together it walk for various other supernatural creatures -- however it could not damage or kill the Beast.

The only weapon effective against the Beast was a spear do of steel, mistletoe, hill ash and also Valet blood offered by a young woman under a full moon. Marie-Jeanne Valet, Sebastien"s sister, killed her monstrous brothers after year of hunting him and also destroyed all evidence of his existence so his evil deed that slaughtering 500 human beings would no be remembered. Contrasted to various other werewolves, that all mutual far more accessible weaknesses, the Beast had an extremely particular weakness the no one outside the Argent family (descendants that the Valet family) knew about.

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The just other weak the Beast hosted was its reliance on the Dread physicians upon being resurrected. Brought back in the kind of Beacon Hills High college student Mason Hewitt, Sebastien initially had actually no recollection that his previous life and no regulate of his host during the day. The Dread Doctors supplied a distinct frequency to pressure Mason/Sebastian to transform into the Beast of Gevaudan in ~ night, giving Sebastien regulate over the type and help him slowly collect his memories. Through the finish of the season, this weakness is all but moot thanks to Sebastien regaining every one of his memories. As such, just the spear continued to be as a viable alternative for beating him.

The Beast of Gevaudan"s most powerful trait to be its absence of need for a pack. Any kind of werewolf, even if it is they it is in Beta or Alpha, relied top top a load for strength, as Betas feed the strength of one Alpha. Alphas, in turn, deserve to temporarily improve their Betas and protect them from powerful enemies. Werewolves there is no a fill are referred to as Omegas and also are taken into consideration the weakest werewolves. Sebastian"s strength as the Beast is not dependent ~ above a pack, technically making that an Omega. However the Beast"s solo nature does no inhibit his strength, and he is stronger than Scott, a True Alpha werewolf with whole pack to back him up. Both Peter Hale and Deucalion were impressive Alphas that still relied top top their respective packs because that power, v Deucalion admitting that the Beast was a formidable and dangerous foe.

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Though Sebastien is eventually defeated by Scott and also his allies v Marie-Jeanne"s weapon, his legend stays on together the most powerful werewolf that the Teen Wolf mythos. Fear by both humans and also supernatural creatures alike, the Beast of Gevaudan"s just intention was to spread death and also chaos. Shed away from history, the Beast of Gevaudan will always be psychic by Scott and also his friends as the most an effective werewolf they"ve ever before faced.