Teen Wolf: Why the Beast of Gevaudan Is the Series' Many Powerful Werewolf Of all the werewolves in the Teen Wolf franchise, this monstrous shadow wolf stands above even the Alpha of Alphas actually.

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Teen Wolf attributes a large cast of werewolves that uncover their way to the quiet tvery own of Beacon Hills. Series protagonist Scott McCall, played by Tyler Posey, and also first seachild antagonist Peter Hale are just 2 examples of some of the effective Alpha werewolves that hold dominion over the lesser Beta werewolves. But one werewolf towers over even the a lot of powerful of Alphas actually -- the Beast of Gevaudan

Originally a terrible monster that terrorized France in the time of the 1700s, the Beastern of Gevaudan was revived by the Dcheck out Doctors and also set loose on Beacon Hills throughout the occasions of the fifth season. Born Sebastian Valet, the Beast got his powers by accidentally drinking water from a puddle made by a wolf"s paw print. As an outcome, Sebastien"s wolf develop was more powerful than the widespread werewolf, being made of shadows and outsizing Peter"s complete Alpha werewolf transdevelopment.

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The Beastern had all the powers of a werewolf, yet its abilities went past also Alpha werewolves. Beacon Hills" resident hellhound Jordan Parrish struggled versus the Beast in battle. In compariboy, it took both Scott and also his Beta werewolf Liam functioning in sync to organize back a hellhound. The Beastern also lacked the typical weaknesses of a werewolf, prefer electricity or wolfsbane. Mountain ash operated as a barrier -- as it did for various other supernatural creatures -- yet it could not damage or kill the Beastern.

The just weapon effective against the Beastern was a spear made of steel, mistletoe, mountain ash and Valet blood supplied by a young woguy under a full moon. Marie-Jeanne Valet, Sebastien"s sister, eliminated her monstrous brvarious other after years of hunting him and destroyed all proof of his existence so his evil deed of slaughtering 500 human beings would not be remembered. Contrasted to other werewolves, that all shared much even more accessible weaknesses, the Beast had a very particular weakness that no one exterior the Argent family members (descendants of the Valet family) knew about.

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The just various other weakness the Beastern organized was its reliance on the Dcheck out Doctors upon being resurrected. Brought ago in the develop of Beacon Hills High School student Makid Hewitt, Sebastien initially had actually no rearsenal of his previous life and also no regulate of his host in the time of the day. The Dcheck out Doctors used a special frequency to pressure Mason/Sebastian to transdevelop into the Beastern of Gevaudan at night, giving Sebastien regulate over the form and helping him slowly collect his memories. By the finish of the seachild, this weakness is all but moot many thanks to Sebastien regaining every one of his memories. Thus, just the spear remained as a viable alternative for beating him.

The Beast of Gevaudan"s a lot of effective trait was its absence of require for a load. Any werewolf, whether they be Beta or Alpha, relied on a load for strength, as Betas feed the power of an Alpha. Alphas, consequently, deserve to temporarily boost their Betas and also protect them from powerful enemies. Werewolves without a load are called Omegas and also are thought about the weakest werewolves. Sebastian"s power as the Beast is not dependent on a fill, technically making him an Omega. Yet the Beast"s solo nature does not inhilittle bit his stamina, and also he is more powerful than Scott, a True Alpha werewolf with an entire fill to back him up. Both Peter Hale and Deucalion were superior Alphas actually that still relied on their particular packs for power, via Deucalion admitting that the Beastern was a formidable and dangerous opponent.

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Though Sebastien is eventually beat by Scott and also his allies through Marie-Jeanne"s weapon, his legend resides on as the most effective werewolf of the Teen Wolf mythos. Feared by both humans and supernatural creatures alike, the Beastern of Gevaudan"s only intention wregarding spreview death and also chaos. Burned away from history, the Beastern of Gevaudan will certainly always be remembered by Scott and his friends as the the majority of powerful werewolf they"ve ever before challenged.