Pick i beg your pardon WWE Diva "You'd Rather" and We'll guess Who'd say Yes to You – ~ above Nov 11th

there is no denying that women"s rings in the WWE has readjusted tremendously end the critical 10 years. While the attitude Era was ultimately sputtering to an end ago then, there were still some holdovers who stood for the big blonde hair, large fake chests and minimal talking capability that marked that time.

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We then had a leg time as WWE became more family friendly and moved a little away indigenous T&A and also started hiring a few women who might actually apply wrestling moves to the others. This advanced into the Divas" transformation and Women"s transformation where a female was judged very first on she in-ring capacity and second on her looks.

Thankfully though, points didn"t revert earlier to the 1970s and also early 80s means of doing points where yes, the mrs were talented, however they sometimes also looked like lunch ladies who had been punched in the face one-too-many times. The WWE regulated to mix premium talent v above-average looks and also women"s wrestling has actually never been doing far better on a nationwide level.

It"s tough not come look ago over the critical 15 years and recognize that few of these women are the kind you"d favor to date. Sure, you may base that on your character, however even when their done acting, they quiet look the same, which makes this a valuable, an important exercise. It"s time to figure out i beg your pardon WWE Diva "you"d rather" and we"ll tell friend which one would say yes to you.

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concern 1

Bayley or Asuka?

Bayley Asuka no
The story of Bayley chasing after ~ the NXT Women’s Championship was the introduction to the Hugger because that a many fans, yet like countless underdogs, as soon as they reach your goal, yes not much to construct upon. Enter Asuka, that took top top Bayley at a takeover event and started a 500+ day reign with that title. However this isn’t around belts. This is around something rather entirely. Which one girlfriend rather, well...you know?

inquiry 2

Natalya, Alexa Bliss or Carmella

They're the three blonde poor girl strength players ~ above the Smackdown brand at the time of this writing. Each has their own individual style, personality and also list of accolades, however let's be honest, we're just talking around who is the one that you think would be many compatible with you when the lights go down. Is the Bret Hart's niece, tiny Miss Bliss or Ms. Money in the Bank? that would you rather...

inquiry 3

Paige or Lana?

You've obtained to wonder about these women's taste in men. Paige was the victim the a photograph hack that confirmed her hooking up with men like Xavier Woods and also Brad Maddox. She's right now engaged come Alberto Del Rio. Lana is much better known together Mrs. Rusev in actual life. So, if taste in men isn't their solid suit, probably you've got a chance! We're just kidding. Serious though, feather at these beauties, that would you rather?

question 4

Tamina or AJ Lee?

One is the rarely offered daughter of room of reputation legend Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka when the various other is retirement from the ring, known these days an ext for gift married to centimeter Punk. These two have had as different careers in the WWE as they have actually body types. Execute you like the strong, silent kind or the bubbly psycho girl? Remember, girlfriend don't need to marry them, girlfriend just have to...you know. Who would girlfriend rather?

concern 5

Charlotte Flair or Natalya?

We've checked out this match-up in the ring a variety of times dating ago to NXT and also it's constantly rightfully billed as a clash of major second generation names. Sure, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart is Natalya's father, yet tracing her to Uncle Bret Hart is an ext impactful. Of food we know Charlotte Flair's father is Ric Flair. Thankfully, the second generation was given a better fate in the watch department. So, which one would certainly you rather?

inquiry 6

Alexa Bliss or Mickie James?

It's a clash that generations here, yet we're all winners since both space still an excellent looking women who have the right to mix it increase in the ring. Have the right to they mix it increase in certain rooms of the house? Both it seems ~ headstrong and also might it is in a lot of trouble to day in actual life, but due to the fact that you're actually never going to get within 100 feet of them in real life, you most likely don't have to worry around it. So what's it gonna be? that would you rather?

concern 7

Paige or Emma?

If you prefer your girls through a side order the sexy accent, this is a tough one. Neither actually reached their potential in WWE and also rumors were that they were both challenging to work with. Hopefully your partnership would be a bit more amicable. What's it going come be? carry out you go through the goth girl from the UK in Paige or an ext the girl-next-door Aussie with Emma? You've got one seat on the lifeboat destined because that a life on a desert island. That would girlfriend rather?

inquiry 8

Carmella, Natalya or Tamina?

Here's another Triple Threat match for you, so to speak. This trio briefly had an alliance after ~ the brand split, yet mean girls can never last with each other too long. Execute you prefer the youth and inexperience the Carmella end the endure of Natalya? What around Tamina? There's a tough, gorgeous mrs who can kick both of your asses. Carry out you want her to absent yours? that would girlfriend rather?

concern 9

Eva Marie or Nikki Bella?

below are 2 ladies we haven't checked out yet that were both component of the original total Divas cast. Nikki go on come vastly enhance her skills, bridging the gap in between the Divas era and the Women's change while Eva Marie was within of a WWE ring only a handful of times. Still, execute we yes, really care about wins and losses in this case? This is around something else entirely. Who would you rather?

inquiry 10

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks?

It's the fantasy of almost every masculine to end up having actually sexy time v two women...all the much better if they're ideal friends. WWE has actually not shown a friendship v two females as closely as Sasha Banks and also Bayley in years. Just when girlfriend think Sasha is walking to turn on her ideal friend, they carry them back together. Well, now is the time to choose a next in this long-running girlfriend affair. Who would friend rather?

inquiry 11

Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair or Paige?

While they eventually ended up being known as Team PCB (Paige, Charlotte, Becky) lock were initially presented together The submission Sisters, likely due to the fact that they all had actually submission holds together their finishers. Somebody at WWE didn't do their due diligence since as it transforms out, submission Sisters is a bit of a bondage website. Recognize that out made us choose the name also more. Which one of these 3 would you rather?

inquiry 12

Tamina or Lana?

below are 2 women that don't totally suck in the ring, but who are never really provided a chance to present what they're worth. So the inquiry is, carry out you favor the quiet bodyguard with the muscle or the manipulative foreigner that does what that takes? Both have particular positive qualities, however there could potentially it is in drawback to both if your searching for extracurricular activities. Nonetheless, who would girlfriend rather?

inquiry 13

Sasha Banks and also Becky Lynch?

These space two ladies who put on what many say was one of the classic all-time matches in NXT. It's too bad they haven't been permitted to replicate that enhance with the main roster. Currently that they're on different brands, we doubt the we'll ever before see these two go at it. Wait a second, why space we talking around professional wrestling? this two are both hot, yet you can only have actually one...sorry. That would you rather?

inquiry 14

Natalya, Eva Marie, Brie Bella or Nikki Bella?

It's a cast reunion of complete Divas in this pick 'em, wherein you have to decide from four women because that the very first time. Sure, consisting of the Bella pair really only makes it like picking out of three, yet there are some differences in between the two, choose one has actually black hair and also one has practically black hair. The course, if hair is your thing, Eva Marie and also Natalya can compete there. Hope hair isn't her thing, or at least not your just thing. OK, so who would you rather?

concern 15

Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair or Dana Brooke?

check out this picture...none of the over even renders it into the photo. Here's the an initial time we've seen Dana Brooke in this list. She's never been much of a player in either NXT or WWE, but she's acquired that blonde hair and large chest that would have actually made she a superstar throughout the Diva years. She's also a fitness model. However is she fit enough to victory your vote in this contest? Time come decide. Who would friend rather?

question 16

Trish Stratus or Lita?

Time because that a head-to-head battle of a couple of room of call women. During the divas era, the WWE didn't have countless women that were amazing wrestlers on the roster, yet these two knew your stuff and also inspired most of the girls you watch in the ring today. It didn't hurt the they were easy on the eyes 15-20 years back and continue to be so today. Either way, you'll need to ask them to take off their HOF ring, however who would certainly you rather?

concern 17

Naomi or Alicia Fox?

Here's a pairing us can't get sufficient of on TV and also after both putting in much too plenty of years being offered up together losers, they're ultimately showing their fierce, win sides. OK, so you're ~ above an aircraft and girlfriend hear "Pssst.." from the bathroom and when you turn about you see simply a finger beckoning you inside. You know what awaits you, but you don't know specifically whose finger it is. What will certainly make girlfriend happier? that would girlfriend rather?

question 18

Nikki or Brie Bella?

you didn't think you'd acquire through this whole quiz without having to pick between The Bella Twins, go you? based on everything we've seen through their TV shows and also online exploits, this two are as different as sisters have the right to possibly be, yet clearly still work tough to appear physically substantial similar. By the moment twins hit their mid-30s, they're typically over the entirety dressing alike thing. Whatever. It works for them. Look at the ethereal differences. Who would friend rather?

inquiry 19

Ashley Massaro, Maria Kanellis or Mickie James?

2 of these 3 were Playboy cover girls during their time for WWE while one more was without their apparel in a magazine referred to as Leg Show. One has showed up topless in one indie film while another did part adult film work-related when they to be young. We have actually no idea if any type of of lock actually choose to surf. You can figure out who we're talking about by yourself with a little Internet research. For now, who would girlfriend rather?

question 20

Charlotte Flair, Alicia Fox or Lana?

This is among our favourite match-ups in this entire quiz because we simply don't think the there might ever be a not correct answer here. Remember, this isn't about wrestling skills. Charlotte Flair would certainly obviously mop the floor v both of them if that were the case. No, this is more about miscellaneous deep and primal that has actually nothing to do with choreographed fighting. That would friend rather?

concern 21

Becky Lynch or Lita?

Here's an interesting match-up featuring one of the ideal wrestlers these days with among the best of the attitude Era. We would certainly still favor to see them walk at it, and we're no talking around in a wrestling ring. Both fill that Tomboy character who isn't afraid to it is in sexy the resonates with so countless people. It's acquired to it is in a hard selection for them. Heck, it's a hard an option for anybody. Who would girlfriend rather?

concern 22

Tamina, Sasha financial institutions or Naomi?

earlier when the WWE determined to start pushing women's wrestling rather of divas wrestling, they created little times, watch to present the new girls among the veterans. One such group was recognized as Team B.A.D. Through the B.A.D. Standing for Beautiful and Dangerous. Us couldn't have actually agreed more. This is a tough call as us wouldn't mind part alone time with any kind of of this beauties, however you've gotta pick. Who would friend rather?

question 23

Layla El or Michelle McCool?

We're walking old school when again pitting one of the an initial Divas search winners versus the woman well-known these days better for being The Undertaker's wife than for noþeles she go while in the ring. These 2 were among the finest tag teams during the Divas era walking by the name of LayCool, because when all else fails, smash 2 names together. We miss them both this days, leading us to asking the concern who would you rather?

inquiry 24

Brie Bella, Nikki Bella or Renee Young?

Or we could speak to it Mrs. Daniel Bryan vs. Mrs. John Cena vs. Mrs. Dean Ambrose. What this three, and women favor Naomi, Lana, Sable, Sunny, Carmella and a handful of others have actually taught united state over the years is that if you want to date an attractive woman in wrestling, you'd much better be lacing up the boots yourself, or in Renee's case, grabbing a microphone because that boring interviews. So, of this ladies, who would her rather?

inquiry 25

Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair or Bayley?

OK, it's time to decision which the the 4 Horsewomen is the one because that you. This quartet deserve to be offered almost all of the credit transaction for legitimizing women's rings in the eyes of WWE fans. That probably eliminated Vince McMahon to relocate away from the divas of old, however at least he kept hiring an excellent looking ladies v talent. Time to end up things up solid here. Of these beauties, who would you rather?