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You are watching: Which substance involves no bonding forces except london dispersion forces?

answer 68 HF,H2O have actually hydrogen bonding K metallic bonding N2 London (dispersion) forces NaCl b/n Na and also Cl ionic bonding. so answer in N2 answer 6…View the full answer

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Transcribed picture text: Which substance involves no bonding pressures other than London dispersion forces? K(s) NaCl(f) HF(f) N_3(f) H_2O(f) Which among the complying with decreases as the toughness of the attractive intermolecular pressures increases? The normal boiling temperature. The sublimation temperature of a solid. The vapor pressure of a liquid. The extent of deviations from the ideal gas regulation. The warm of vaporization. Which of the adhering to compounds has actually the highest possible normal boiling point? CH_3CH_2CH_2CH_3 CH_3Cl CH_3CH_2CH_3 CH_2CH_2OH CH_3OCH_3 Which of the following indicates the presence of strong intermolecular forces of attractivity in a liquid? an extremely low vapor press a very low viscosity a really low enthalpy of vaporization a really low critical temperature an extremely low boiling point Which of the following compounds has the lowest normal boiling point? CH_3CH_2CH_2NH_2 CH_3CH_2CH_2F CH_3CH_2CH_2OH CH_3CH(OH)CH_3 CH_3CH_2COOH Which of the following pure substances has an unusually high normal boiling point? CH_3OCH_3 HCl CH_3NH_2 CH_3SH CH_3Cl Which of the complying with substances has the weakest intermolecular forces? I_2 CaO C_8H_12 SbCl_3 SiH_4 You are given the adhering to boiling allude data: Which one o the liquids would certainly you suppose to have the greatest vapor push at room temperature? menthol, CH_3CH_2OH 64.96 degree C ethanol, CH_3CH_2OH 78.5 degree C diethyl ether, CH_3OH2-O-CH_2CH_3 34.5 degree C ethylene glycol, HO-CH_2-CH_2-OH 198 level C water, H_2O 100 degree C A 2.00-L glass soda bottle filled only through air is tightly capped at 23 level C and also 730.0 mmHg. If the bottle is inserted in water at 83 level C, what is the push in the bottle? 607 mmHg 878 mmHg 413 mmHg 202 mmHg 2630 mmHg A sample of methane, CH_4, occupies a volume of 166.0 mL at 25 level C and exerts a push of 1030.0 mmHg. If the volume of the gas is permitted to expand also to 730.0 mL at 298 K, what will be the press of the gas? 564 mmHg 0.0092 mmHg 4530 mmHg 2790 mmHg 234 mmHg