The home that distinguishes thepotential power from kinetic energy are the shape and position the the object,letter B. Potential power is directly proportional with mass times gravitytimes the elevation of the thing at rest. ~ above the other hand, kinetic power isdirectly proportional with half of the square the the velocity time the fixed ofthe object in motion.

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The aluminum stick (E_1 = 75 GPa) is reinforced with the firmly bonded steel tube (E_2 = 209 GPa). The diameter the the aluminum ro

A cube of wood is floating top top water. A cube of iron is completely submerged in water. The cubes are equal in volume. I m sorry cube has
The one that\"s totally submerged is displacing an ext water, therefore the buocouchsurfingcook.comnt force on the is greater.

Which appropriately expresses the relationship between voltage, current, and also resistance? V = I/R V = IR V = R/I V = I+R

V = IR


Voltage is denoted through V, current is denoted by I and also resistance is denoted by R. Voltage is the distinction of electric potential between two points. Existing is the measure up of the price of flow of electrical charge. Resistance is a measure exactly how a an equipment reduces the current flow v itself.

The three properties are regarded each other as every the Ohm\"s regulation which states that voltage and also current are straight proportional to every other, it can be denoted as

Voltage (V) = Current(I) X Resistance(R).

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The warm capacity of an item depends in component on that ____.
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If ns remember it correctly, heat capacity is inversely proportional to mass for this reason the is:The heat capacity of an item depends in part on its a. Mass
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A provided atom has 3 protons, 4 neutrons, and also 3 electrons. Define how you deserve to use those 3 values to define the structure,
The atom number ofa neutral atom is equal to the number of protons and the number of electrons ofthe atom. The atom weight at the same time is same to the sum of the number ofprotons and variety of neutrons. In this case, the atomic number of the atom is 3 and also the atomic mass is 7. Therefore the aspect is Lithium, a metal 
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