Which that the following instances is not true for magnets?A) prefer poles repel each other. B) unequal poles repel each other. C) north poles repel every other. D) A phibìc pole and a south pole will entice each other.

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All of the following statements around magnetic field lines about a long-term magnet room true other than which one?A) Magnetic field lines appear to finish at the north pole that a magnet. B) Magnetic ar lines have actually no beginning orend. C) Magnetic field lines always type a closeup of the door loop. D) In a permanent magnet, the ar lines actuallycontinue within the magnet itself.
B) The geographical South Pole the Earth and Earth"s magnetic phibìc pole are relatively close to each other.
Which that the adhering to statements around Earth"s magnetic ar is true?A) The geographical North Pole of Earth and also Earth"s magnetic north pole space at the exact same location. B) The geographical South Pole of Earth and also Earth"s magnetic phibìc pole are reasonably close to every other. C) The north needle the a compass constantly points come the geographical North Pole of Earth. D) The north needle that a compasspoints to Earth"s magnetic north pole.
Under i beg your pardon of the following problems is the network magnetic force on a charged bit equal come zero?A) as soon as the fragment is stationary B) once the bit is moving parallel come the magnetic field C) when the fragment is no charged D) every one of the above
Which the the following options can be used to create electricity?A) move the circuit loop into and also out that a magnetic field. B) change the magnetic field strength approximately thecircuit loop. C) adjust the orientation of the circuit loop with respect come the magnetic field. D) every one of the above
Which conversion procedure is the basic duty of the electrical generator?A) mechanical power to electric energy B) electrical energy to mechanical energy C) short emf come high emf, or evil versa D) alternating current to direct current
Which of the following expressions reflects the exactly relationship between 1 T (1 tesla) and other usual units?A) 1 N/(A⋅m) B) 1 N⋅m/A C) 1 N⋅A⋅m D) 1 A/(N⋅m)
All that the adhering to are ways to induce a voltage in a loop the wire other than which one?A) Insert the loop into a transforming magnetic field. B) move the loop parallel come a magnetic field. C) turn the loop in a magnetic field. D) move the loop right into or the end of a magnetic field.
A long, straight, current-carrying cable runs from phibìc to south. A compass needle inserted underneath the wire points with its N-pole towards the west. In what direction is the present flowing through the wire?
In i beg your pardon direction, in relationship to a magnetic field, would you operation a current-carrying wire so that the force on it, result from the field, is decreased or even made to be zero?
A 0.050-m-long cable is transporting a present of 2.0 A at appropriate angles to a 0.76-T magnetic field. What is the size of the pressure exerted by the magnetic ar on the wire?
How much current is required to develop a force of 0.85 N top top a 35 cm lengthy wire oriented at ideal angles to a 0.64 T magnetic field?
What is the direction that the force acting ~ above a current-carrying conductor lied in a magnetic field?
A step-up transformer offered on a 120 V line has actually 95 transforms on the primary and 2555 transforms on the secondary. What is the voltage throughout the secondary?
Two loops of wire are arranged so the a an altering current in the main will induce a existing in the secondary.The an additional loop has fifty percent as plenty of turns as the major loop. As long as the existing in the main is steady at 3.0 A alternating current, the existing in the second will be
A present can it is in induced in a close up door circuit there is no the use of a battery or an electric power it is provided by relocating the circuit with a
A current-carrying cable 45 cm lengthy is positioned perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field. If the current is 12.0 A and there is a resultant force of 4.0 N on the wire as result of the communication of the current and field, what is the magnetic ar strength?
A solenoid is in one upright position on a table. A counterclockwise existing of electrons—when viewed from above—causes the solenoid to have a ____ magnetic pole in ~ its bottom end. If a compass is put at the height of the solenoid, the phibìc pole that the compass would be ____.

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A microscope magnetic region composed of a team of atoms whose magnetic fields are aligned in a typical direction is called a(n) ____. In most materials, as soon as these groups are randomly distributed, the problem will show ____ magnetism.