What is the standard difference in between buying and also merchandising?

Buying consists of product purchases however not their sale, while merchandising has the broad range of tasks involved in buying and offering goods and also solutions.
Buying duty is in the primary save, while responsibility for merchandising is in the branches.
Buying obligation is a line function, while merchandising responsibility is a staff function.
Buying duty is a staff attribute, while merchandising is a line function.

A significant benefit of a merchandising ideology is that:

duty and authority are clear
morale of in-keep personnel increases
it fosters the advance of specialists
it recognizes that buyers might not be efficient supervisors

Which of the complying with is a form of scrambled merchandising?

category management
direct product profitcapacity

The exact same personnel take care of both merchandising and various other retail tasks in which buying organization?


Which of the adhering to is not an benefit of a formal buying organization?

well-identified obligations
the use of full time, specialized merchandisers
low expenses
well-identified authority

Which kind of buying organization is characterized by adaptability to regional industry problems, little staff support, and also some loss of volume discounts?


Which type of buying company is the majority of typically supplied by tiny or medium-sized retailers or by retailers that are situated much from their supply sources?

a resident buying office
a decentralized organization
an inside organization
an outside company

Items such as milk, breview, and also canned soup are examples of:

staple merchandise
fashion merchandise
seasonal merchandise

Products that have cyclical sales as a result of changing tastes and lifeformats are:

assortment merchandise
fashion merchandise
fad merchandise
nostalgic merchandise

A high level of sales is generated for a fairly brief time with:

seasonal merchandise
fad merchandise
fashion merchandise
nostalgic merchandise

A fashion that is initially embraced by upscale consumers and undergoes changes in its standard form before it is marketed to the general public mirrors a:

horizontal trend
vertical trend
horizontal life cycle
vertical life cycle

The variety of distinct goods/company categories a retailer carries is described as the:

consistency of the product mix
product life cycle
depth of assortment
width of assortment

A retailer seeking to offer one-sheight shopping and also to geneprice customer loyalty would certainly follow which of the following retail assortment strategies?

wide and deep
wide and also shenable
narrowhead and also deep
narrowhead and also shenable

Private (dealer) brands:

are produced and also controlled by manufacturers
are more expensive for consumers
are supported by manufacturer proclaiming
contain the wholesaler"s or retailer"s name

Which brands obtain additional shelf places, have little or no promotional assistance, and are stocked in limited assortments?

made brands
personal brands
generic brands
participating labels

The competition for shelf room in between manufacturers and also retailers is described as:

slotting fees
channel cooperation
the battle of the brands
administered channel conflict

Products are arranged into strategic business units to much better accomplish customer demands and to attain sales and profit goals in:

category management
straight product profitability
retail auditing

Which of the following actions is comparable to inventory turnover?

cash flow
gross margin rerevolve on inventory (GMROI)
days" supply
straight product profitcapacity (DPP)

An item"s gross profit much less its straight retailing costs amounts to its:

gross margin
gross margin rerotate on inventory (GMROI)
net profit
direct product profitcapacity (DPP)

Which of the adhering to is not a type of merchandising software?

forespreading software
predicting software
innovativeness software
alarea software
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