To ensure her social media project is one unqualified success in every feeling of the word, below are eight qualities of effective social media campaigns.

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So you thinking about running a social media campaign. Good for you!

Social media deserve to be a great way of enhancing brand awareness, client engagement and long ax loyalty and also generating a short term rise in sales, however its also a potential minefield and in the worst case, a bottomless pit into which girlfriend endlessly shovel money with nothing much to display for it.

1. Targeted


Social media campaigns come in every shapes and sizes and also every project is unique. Yet what all effective social media projects have in usual is a set of clear objectives and also success criteria and also laser targeting.

If you gibberish taken the time and effort to think v what youre trying to achieve, the audience you want to interact with and what success looks choose not your possibilities of success space going to it is in slim to zero.

Is your main aim to boost brand awareness by reaching out to a new target audience or is it much more about educating, informing and also engaging currently customers?Do you want to activate key influencers and thought leaders?Is her aim to generate buzz around a new product beginning or occasion or to increase sales of an underperforming product line?What actions carry out you desire your target audience to take?How are you going to monetise every that extr engagement and traffic?

2. Focused


Its truism in marketing that projects aimed at increasing brand awareness are best left come the huge boys who have the right to afford come burn through massive marketing budgets; this uses just as lot to social media together to any kind of other genre the marketing.

Weve all watched the big budget society media campaigns that attract critical acclaim and also generate acre of media coverage yet leave the question so what? hanging in the air.

Take Gap, because that example, who recently blew $25million on a US broad Groupon deal to generate an additional $11 million in revenue in the brief term.  The jury is still out on whether all they have done is generate extr word the mouth awareness i beg your pardon they didnt need and also cannibalized your existing customer base or whether that engagement will ultimately translate into raised bottom line profits.

There space very couple of small enterprise that deserve to afford come take together a lengthy term and, some might say, insanity optimistic, see of the potential of social media.

Instead of cram money at your campaign in the hope the it find its method back to you in the fullness the time, ensure that your campaign is of the straight response variety and concentrated on a specific issue, customer pain point or a competitor.

It will certainly be much simpler to construct the appropriate content and also messaging and also identify the details actions you want your visitors to take, every one of which will substantially assist in ensuring that you have something tangible to show for your efforts.

3. Measurable


As with all successful marketing initiatives, setup appropriate metrics so that you have a basis because that measuring the success of your project is a must.

If youve collection clear objectives and defined the action you desire your audience to take this should be nice straightforward but do be affected by each other in mind that among the good (and contempt scary) things about social media is that once you put your post out there you have very small control over what happens to it. That way your project may finish up having totally different outcomes indigenous the people youre expecting.

If youre no hitting your targets not be too quick to compose the campaign off together a failure.

Look closely at all her metrics to view if you driving value somewhere else.

For example, you might not have as numerous micro-conversions (email opt-ins, Twitter followers, on facebook fans and also RSS subscribers) as youd hoped for however the engagement levels because that those friend do have actually may be much higher or friend may find that youre seeing boost in off-line sales.

Of course, if that looks prefer a turkey, walks favor a turkey and sounds favor a turkey, it more than likely is \" in which situation you should hit the kill button pretty suturing quick. However without the best metrics, how will you ever before know?

4. Good Content


Back in the day as soon as social media was the brand-new kid top top the digital marketing block you could pretty lot guarantee that any kind of reasonably an innovative and original campaign was walk to gain lots of eyeballs and create an huge amount that buzz.

In todays crowded marketplace that not rather so easy. Which means that if you want your project to was standing out, youre walking to need to work that small bit harder to acquire the fist of your users.

One thing still holds true, however: the cornerstone of any effective social media campaign is good content gift in an interesting and engaging way.

If youve done her homework on your audience, if you know what they space passionate about, your pain points, the type of content they conveniently share and also what they respond come youll have actually pretty great idea of what is going to acquire them excited. Recognize a different and intriguing method to supply your content is climate your mystery sauce.

5. Simple


As society media campaigns become ever more facility its worth mirroring on whether this what individuals really want.

keep it simple and immediateCreativity is a wonderful thing, however if friend ask too much of your audience they will conveniently get bored and move on.

Instead, store it basic and immediate and offer something her users space going to worth as a prize for your engagement. This doesnt need to be something expensive or even anything tangible, so long as your campaign is relevant, fun and also engaging. Think Evians Roller Babies, the many watched online ad ever which created over 60 million views and also 54,000 comments or Johnsons on facebook baby photo challenge which generated an ext than 1 million visits, half a million votes and also tripled the companys pan base.

6. The Right medium For The Message


Having a good message is one of the points that makes great campaigns stand out from the rest.

But just having actually a great message isnt enough \" you additionally have to connect it via the ideal channels. It deserve to be tempting come just emphasis your initiatives on the big 3 \" Facebook, Twitter and also Youtube \" but if thats not wherein your target audience hangs the end it isnt going to execute you lot good.

It likewise pays come remember that civilization tend come behave in different way on different networks for this reason think about the action you desire your customers to take and also match the tool to the message.

Example: if you desire an immediate solution youd most likely want to use Twitter, whereas on facebook is an ext suited to opinion sharing.

Finally, make sure that her social media campaign is completely integrated through all your various other marketing, advertising and also PR activities, both online and offline.

This will certainly not only rise your campaigns influence but additionally ensure the you arent putting out inconsistent messages that will confuse her audience.

7. Memorable


The most successful society media projects forge an emotional connection in between the brand and also the audience by providing not just good content however an experience.

Make your campaign memorable by informing stories that have an emotionally resonance for your audience and they can automatically identify with.

Engage your users in an continuous conversation, make it personal and show that girlfriend care about them and also their custom and also you will engender a an effective sense the belonging the will translate into lengthy term loyalty.

8. Profitable


For any tiny business, a positive return on invest is walking to be a key campaign success measure.

There room plenty that siren voices that will say friend cant placed a price on client engagement. Ignore them.

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If youre a tiny business and you cant show that your social media campaign is straight contributing to her bottom line its time to go ago to the illustration board. 

Of course measuring the lengthy term affect of social media campaigns is one art not a science, but that doesnt typical that you wont require a setup for monetizing every that extr traffic and also engagement and converting it to cold difficult cash.