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Name_______________________________________Acctg 202Chapter 7 Examination

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1.The relationship between cost and task is termed:A)cost estimation.B)cost prediction.C)cost behavior.D)cost analysis.E)cost approximation.

2.Which of the following costs alters in direct proportion come a readjust in the activity level?A)Variable cost.B)Fixed cost.C)Semivariable cost.D)Step-variable cost.E)Step-fixed cost.3.Costs that continue to be the same over a wide range of activity, yet jump to a various amount external that range, space termed:A)step-fixed costs.B)step-variable costs.C)semivariable costs.D)curvilinear costs.E)mixed costs.4.A price that has both a fixed and variable ingredient is termed a:A)step-fixed cost.B)step-variable cost.C)semivariable cost.D)curvilinear cost.E)discretionary cost.

5.The relevant variety is that variety of activity:A)where a agency achieves its preferably efficiency.B)where units developed equal systems sold.C)where monitoring expects the firm to operate.D)where the firm will certainly earn a profit.E)where expected outcomes are abnormally high.6.A variable price that has a definitive physical partnership to the activity measure is dubbed a(n):A)discretionary cost.B)engineered cost.C)managed cost.D)programmed cost.E)committed cost.7.The nonstatistical technique of price estimation the calls because that the production of a scatter chart is the:A)least-squares regression method.B)high-low method.C)visual-fit method.D)account analysis method.E)multiple regression method.

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8.Which that the adhering to is no an worry in the collection of data for expense estimation?A)Outliers.B)Missing data.C)Mismatched time periods.D)The effects, over time, that inflation and also the finding out (i.e., efficiency improvement) that takes location in repetitive tasks.E)All the the over are issues in data collection.

Use the following reality pattern for inquiries 9 & 10. Atlanta, Inc., which provides the high-low method to analyze price behavior, has established that machine hours ideal explain the company"s utilities cost. The company"s relevant variety of activity varies from a short of 600 an equipment hours to a high of 1,100 maker hours, through the following data being available for the first six months of the year:

Utilities Machine Hours


February $8,360 720
March $8,950 810
April $9,360 920
May $9,625 950
June $9,150 900
9.The resolved utilities cost per month is:A)$3,764.B)$4,400.C)$4,760.D)$5,100.E)an amount other than those listed above.10.Using the high-low method, the utilities cost connected with 980 machine hours would be:A)$9,510.B)$9,660.C)$9,700.D)$9,790.E)an amount various other than those provided above. Key