Unauthorized entry right into a building or locations of a buildingis a much much more common incident than plenty of realize. This action can take 2 forms: tailgating orpiggybacking; and also regardless that which form it may take, it have the right to have seriousconsequences.

What Is Tailgating and Piggybacking?

Tailgating is the plot of someoneslipping in unexpectedly after an authorized person has opened the door. Similarly, piggybacking occurs as soon as anauthorized individual opens and holds the door for someone who may or may nothave the proper credentials. When these action happen, a certain accesspoint loses its purpose and the building, occupants, and equipment are put atrisk.

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Tailgating can occur in a selection of ways, including:

Anunauthorized human gains entry to a building by adhering to someone through propercredentials.Anunauthorized human joins a large crowd who room authorized to enter however notsupervised.Anunauthorized team member gains access to an internal structure area by followingsomeone with proper credentials.

How to avoid Tailgating


Tailgating can have many consequences, consisting of theft the valuables, vandalism, and stolen pundit property. The great news is the it can be prevented through anti-tailgating strategies, i beg your pardon ensure just those who are meant to be in your building are permitted access. Right here are part actions you have the right to take to avoid tailgating.

1. Staff Education

It’s vital to summary the dangers that come withtailgating and also why staff should not permit someone to enter behind them. Emerging employee policy and also proceduresabout tailgating will permit your staff to avoid unauthorized access, andaddress scenarios once they happen.

2. Managed or Hosted access Control

Installing a controlled or hosted access control device helps come ensure that just authorized personnel have access to your building or particular areas. With the administration system, friend can collection different clearances because that each human to restrict and track access. Although this helps, it might not stop someone indigenous holding the door open for the following person, i beg your pardon is why staff education is critical.

3. Visitor Badges

Ensure that all visitors and also temporary employees wearidentification that indicates that they are authorized to be in yourbuilding. This is an important tool inhelping employees easily identify unauthorized world by their lack of visitorbadge.

4. Protection Camera System


An integration through a security camera mechanism that monitors entry points and also secure rooms, will both act as a deterrent and aid to identify an intruder. Additionally, with many regions requiring verification for police response, monitored video provides the advantage of security occasion confirmation. Camera systems may be further incorporated to analyze the event, and determine if more than one human being entered throughout a valid access. This would cause an unauthorized accessibility analytic propelled alarm come alert security to tailgating or piggybacking scenarios within your facility.

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