Unauthorized entry right into a building or locations of a buildingis a much more common incident than many type of realize. This activity can take 2 forms: tailgating orpiggybacking; and also regardmuch less of which form it might take, it deserve to have actually seriousresults.

What Is Tailgating and Piggybacking?

Tailgating is the act of someoneslipping in suddenly after an authorized person has opened the door. Similarly, piggybacking occurs as soon as anauthorized individual opens and also holds the door for someone who may or may nothave the appropriate credentials. When these actions occur, a secure accesssuggest loses its function and the building, inhabitants, and also devices are put atrisk.

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Tailgating have the right to happen in a selection of means, including:

Anunauthorized person gains enattempt to a building by complying with someone through propercredentials.Anunauthorized perkid joins a big crowd who are authorized to enter yet notlooked after.Anunauthorized team member gains accessibility to an internal structure area by followingsomeone through appropriate credentials.

How to Proccasion Tailgating


Tailgating have the right to have actually many type of after-effects, including theft of valuables, vandalism, and also stolen intellectual building. The good news is that it can be prevented with anti-tailgating tactics, which ensure only those that are expected to be in your structure are permitted accessibility. Here are some actions you have the right to take to prevent tailgating.

1. Staff Education

It’s necessary to outline the threats that come withtailgating and also why staff have to not enable someone to enter behind them. Developing employee policy and also proceduresaround tailgating will certainly permit your staff to prevent unauthorized accessibility, andattend to scenarios once they take place.

2. Managed or Hosted Access Control

Installing a controlled or held access regulate mechanism helps to encertain that only authorized personnel have access to your building or certain areas. Thturbulent the monitoring system, you deserve to collection various clearances for each person to restrict and also track access. Although this helps, it may not speak someone from holding the door open up for the following person, which is why staff education and learning is critical.

3. Visitor Badges

Ensure that all visitors and also short-term employees wearidentification that suggests that they are authorized to be in yourstructure. This is an essential tool inhelping employees quickly determine unauthorized people by their lack of visitorbadge.

4. Security Camera System


An integration via a security video camera mechanism that monitors entry points and also secure rooms, will both act as a deterrent and help to determine an intruder. Additionally, with many type of areas requiring verification for police response, monitored video offers the advantage of protection event confirmation. Camera units may be even more incorporated to analyze the event, and also identify if more than one perchild entered in the time of a valid accessibility. This would certainly reason an unauthorized access analytic thrust alarm to alert defense to tailgating or piggybacking scenarios within your facility.

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