Tuberosity (ligament & muscle attachment)
Large rounded projection; may be roughened
Crest (ligament & muscle attachment)Narrowhead ridge of bone generally prominent
Trochanter (ligament & muscle attachment)incredibly large, blunt, irfrequently shaped process. (the only examples are on the femur.)
Line (ligament & muscle attachment)Narrowhead ridge of bone; less prominent than a crest
Tubercle (ligament & muscle attachment)Small rounded projection or process
Epicondyle (ligament & muscle attachment)Raised area on or over a condyle- beside the joint wbelow muscles & ligaments attach
Spine (ligament & muscle attachment)Sharp, slender, frequently pointed projection
Process (ligament & muscle attachment)Prominence or projection
Head (projections that assist to create joints)Bony growth lugged on a narrow neck
Facet (projections that assist to develop joints)Smooth, almost flat articular surface
Condyle (projections that assist to form joints)Rounded articular projection
RamusArmlike bar of bone
SinusSpace w/in a bone, filled with air & lined w/ mucous membrane
MeatusCanal like passageway
FossaShpermit, basinprefer depression in a bone, often serving as an articular surface
FissureNarrowhead, slitlike opening
ForamenRound or oval opening via a bone
Long BonesLonger than they are wide, primarily consisting of a shaft w/ heads at either end. Composed predominately of compact bone.
Brief Bonestypically cube shaped, & they contain even more spongy bone than compact bone
Flat BonesTypically thin, w/ 2 waferchoose layers of compact bone sandwiching a layer of spongy bone between them.
SesamoidQuick bones created in thendons (patellas)
Wormian or Sutural Bonestiny bones between cranial bones