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Certain important species of binary relation deserve to be defined by nature they have.Here we are going to discover some that those nature binary relations might have.The relationships we room interested in here are binary relations on a set. Definition(reflexive relation): A relation R ~ above a set A is dubbed reflexiveif and only if Rfor every aspect a of A.Example 1: The relation ~ above the collection of integers 1, 2, 3 is1, 1>, 1, 2>, 1, 3>, 2, 2>, 2, 3>, 3, 3> and also it is reflexive because1, 1>, 2, 2>, 3, 3> room in this relation. Together a matter of fact on any kind of setof numbers is also reflexive. Similarly and = on any collection of numbers are reflexive.However, ) top top any collection of numbers is no reflexive. example 2: The relation on the collection of subsets of 1, 2 is ,1 > ,2} > ,1, 2} > ,1} , 1 > , 1} , 1, 2 > , 2} , 2 > , 2} , 1, 2 > , 1, 2} , 1, 2 > }and it is reflexive. In fact relation on any collection of to adjust is reflexive.Definition(irreflexive relation): A relation R ~ above a collection A is called irreflexive if and also only if a, a> R because that every aspect a that A.Example 3: The relation > (or 1, 2, 3 is irreflexive. In truth it is irreflexive for any set of numbers.Example 4: The relation 1, 1 >, 1, 2 >, 1, 3 >, 2, 3>, 3, 3 > top top the set of integers 1, 2, 3 is neither reflexive nor irreflexive.Definition(symmetric relation): A relationship R top top a collection A is referred to as symmetric if and also only if for any type of a, and also b in A,whenever a, b>R , b, a>R . Example 5: The relation = ~ above the set of integers 1, 2, 3 is 1, 1> , 2, 2> 3, 3> and it is symmetric. Similarly = on any collection of number is symmetric.However, ), (or ~ above any collection of numbers is not symmetric.Example 6: The relation "being acquainted with" top top a set of world is symmetric.Definition(antisymmetric relation): A relationship R ~ above a collection A is called antisymmetricif and only if for any a, and b in A,whenever a, b>R ,and b, a>R , a = b have to hold.Equivalently, R is antisymmetric if and also only if anytime a, b>R , and also a
b , b, a>R .Thus in one antisymmetric relation no pair of facets are regarded each other.Example 7:The relation (or >) on any set of numbers is antisymmetric. Therefore is the equality relationon any set of numbers. Definition(transitive relation): A relationship R on a set A is calledtransitiveif and only if for any a, b, and also cin A,whenever a, b>R ,andb, c>R ,a, c>R . example 8: The relation on the collection of integers 1, 2, 3 istransitive, since for 1, 2> and also 2, 3>in , 1, 3>is also in , because that 1, 1> and 1, 2>in , 1, 2>is also in , and similarly for the others.As a issue of fact on any setof numbers is also transitive. Likewise and = ~ above any collection of numbers space transitive.The adhering to figures display the digraph of relationships with different properties.(a) is reflexive, antisymmetric, symmetric and also transitive, yet not irreflexive. (b) is no reflexive nor irreflexive, and also it is antisymmetric, symmetric and transitive.

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(c) is irreflexive yet has none of the other 4 properties.(d) is irreflexive, and also symmetric, yet none that the other three.(e) is irreflexive, antisymmetric and transitive but neither reflexive nor symmetric.

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