Which of the following is the best device to deploy to protect your private network from a public untrusted network?


Which of the following are true of a circuit proxy filter firewall?(Select two)

Operates at the Session Layer AND Verifies sequencing of session packets

You have just installed a packet-filtering firewall on your network. What options will you be able to set on your firewall? Select all that apply.

Source address of a packet, Destination address of a packet, AND Port Number

When designing a firewall, what is the recommended approach for opening and closing ports?

Close all ports; open only ports required by applications inside the DMZ

You have a router that is configured as a firewall. The router is a layer 3 device only. Which of the following does the router use for identifying allowed or denied packets?

IP address

Which of the following are characteristics of a packet filtering firewall?(Select two)

Stateless AND Filters IP address and port

You have been given a laptop to use for work. You connect the laptop to your company network, use it from home, and use it while traveling. You want to protect the laptop from Internet-bases attacks. What solution should you use?

Host based firewall

Which of the following functions are performed by proxies?(Select two)

Block employees from accessing certain Web sites AND Cache web pages

You want to install a firewall that can reject packets that are not part of an active session. Which type of firewall should you use?


You connect your computer to a wireless network available at the local library. You find that you can access all web sites you want on the Internet except two. What might be causing the problem?

A proxy server is blocking access to the web sites

Which of the following does a router acting as a firewall use to control which packets are forwarded or dropped?


Which of the following are characteristics of a circuit-level gateway?(Select two)

Filters based on sessions AND Stateful

Which of the following is a firewall function?

Packet filtering

Which of the following firewall types can be a proxy between servers and clients?(Select two)

Application layer firewall AND Circuit proxy filtering firewall

You provide Internet access for a local school.

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You want to control Internet access based on user, and prevent access to specific URLs. Which type of firewall should you install?