The Mortal instruments is a stunning item of job-related by Cassandra Clare. The characters are so well developed and also the kind of personalities you fall in love with.

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So which character space you? space you Simon Lewis? Clary Fray? Jace Herondale? Isabelle Lightwood? Alec Lightwood? take my quiz to uncover out v character girlfriend are.

Created by: Amy

What is your dream job? Musician Artist Hunter (like in Supernatural)Pick one indigenous to describe yourself. Geeky Stubborn Cocky Fiery ShyPick a color. eco-friendly Orange Brown Pink BlackWhat perform you perform in your cost-free time? cave out through friends Sketch occupational out/train gain into troublePick an item. Cheesy T-Shirts Sketch book Knife A Necklace Bow and ArrowPick a weapon. Who demands a weapon, once they"ve gained my strength? knife My whip my bowPick a "Friends" character? Chandler Monica Joey Rachel RossWhat room you looking for in a soulmate? Is loyal, good looking, and also adventurous. Is great looking, sarcastic, and also passionate. Is artistic, brave, and stubborn. Is kind of nerdy, has a sense of humor, and also is adventurous. Is unique, loyal, and passionate.Pick a food. Something braided Coffee other brown Something fun WaterPick a subject. School? art Gym English

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Quiz topic: i m sorry The Mortal tools character to be I?

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