There room not an extremely many crystal Gems on world Earth.But what is a crystal Gem you ask? fine thats simple, decision Gems room Gems that take on the form of a human and fight for there beliefs. Some Are good and Some space bad. But i guess: v both sides assume they are good.

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Are friend a crystal Gem? execute you have what the takes to be a decision Gem? Well v this quiz you can uncover out. So waste no an ext time and find the end if you have what it takes to it is in a decision Gem.

Created by: sally

What is her favorite color? Pink Blue violet OrangeWhat is her personality? Sweet but strong Kind and also nature love Mystioryos and also a little lazy in ~ times strong kind and loyalAre girlfriend a young or a Girl? Girl BoyWhat Power would you quite have? The power to shield your friends from harm. The power to summon every nature to your side. The power to Shape shift into what ever before you want. The strength to revive people.Are you young or old? Old YoungWhat is your favorite tv show? Steven Univers Adventure Time Regualar show Clarence Uncle GranpawWhat is your favorite personality from Steven Universe? Garnet Amethest Pearl Steven Greg LionWould you fairly be an excellent or Evil? good EvilDo you favor Gregs music in Steven Universe? correctly Nowhat are few of the text in more powerful than you from Steven Universe? ns am solid la la laaaaaa stronger than you SSTTROONNGG La La La LaWho would certainly you rather be? Garnet Amathest climbed Lapis lion greg

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Quiz topic: What crystal Gem to be I?

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