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Six questions with Deb Fleischman and Gary Miller: Finders that the Trove’s Armchair Treasure hunt Prize



Forrest Fenn announced top top July 22, 2020 that his hiddentreasure chest was discovered in Wyoming.Where climate did Where heat Waters Halt? have the right to it be narrowed down?

Over the years, Forrest has provided a pair clues come Where heat Waters Halt. Us knew it was the an initial clue. Us knew it wasn’t a dam. And also we also knew ‘certainly an ext than several’ searchers had established the first clue correctly, from the following MW Q/A:

Forrest, friend have stated that several searchers correctly determined the an initial two hints in your poem. Could you tell united state how countless searchers to your knowledge have correctly established the very first clue correctly? Thanks. ~49 Dollars

No 49, ns cannot tell you how plenty of searchers have figured out the very first clue correctly, but certainly an ext than several. I cannot imagine everyone finding the treasure without first identifying the beginning point, although many seem to be preoccupied with later on clues. To me that’s simply expensive folly. F

So what is the definition of ‘more 보다 several’? It’s family member to the full amount. Several is characterized as an ext than 2 yet lessthan many.

For instance, if out of 10 searchers, several acquired lost, it wouldstrongly indicate 4, possibly 5, got lost.Not the majority, that 6, 7 or 8 though, together 6 and 7 would certainly most likely be ‘many’,and 8 and 9 would be ‘Most’. Less than 4 would most likely be proclaimed as a fewsearchers.

So, if out of 1000 searchers, several gained lost, it’s unlikely‘several’ argues 4 now. Most and Manywould indicate numbers over 500, not 6 to 9; and also so several might suggest quitea an excellent number in link to 1000 searchers.What it can exactly be is debatable.But at the very least 10? perhaps 12? Whatabout 15? What if over there were much more than 100,000searchers, like Forrest feels there were?

And what is most interesting, in the Q/A, we have actually Forrestsaying, ‘certainly much more than several’.So increase everything number you felt ‘several’ might imply- through ‘certainlymore’ than that number.

In a poll ns recently performed in The Chase tradition Facebook Group, I had actually asked searchers due to the fact that we knew the treasure chest was uncovered in Wyoming, what was their Where warm Waters Halt?

With discovering ‘more than several’ had correctly identifiedWWWH, have the right to we exclude any type of locations where just a ‘few’ searchers indicate it together WWWH?

When considering the WWWH locations given in the poll, execute weexclude the most usual answer the Madison Junction, because Many had actually it, andnot Several. Carry out we go v the next oneon the list, because it seems ‘More than several’ had actually thought this, yet not most?

It is a play with words.But I execute feel it can offer part insight.

Below is a perform of answer given.

Surely it would certainly seem, the if ‘MORE than SEVERAL’ had correctly established WWWH, that should have at the very least been mentioned in the complying with list? can we narrow WWWH under to being among those mentioned? What carry out you think?

Madison Junction -24Ojo Caliente hot Spring- 18Sinks Canyon-9Thermopolis-6Warm feather Creek-5Jelm Mountain- 3Soda Butte Cone – 3Colter’s Hell – 3Wyoming- 3Snake flow – 2Tower Creek- 2Yellowstone Lake -2Firehole river – 2Tower drops (near)- 2Boiling River hot Springs -1The big Hollow- 1Devil’s Den- 1Yellowstone gates – 1Joe Brown Trailhead – 1Little Bighorn Battlefield national Monument -1Hot Springs/Park ar Line- 1Bighorn nationwide Forest- 1Warm Creek Picnic Area – 1Granite warm Springs -1Cody Wyoming – 1Sunlight Creek Ends- 1Mammoth hot Springs -1Mud Volcano feather – 1Buffalo bill Reservoir – 1


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