Coring the best choice for various outcomes in the wherein the Cat and Wolf beat side search for The Witcher 3.

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How old is Geralt in The Witcher 3?

Our best guess as to the Geralt"s couchsurfingcook.come in The Witcher 3, based upon clues in game and also out.


Where the Cat and also Wolf beat is a side pursuit in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt the sees friend come challenge to confront with one more Witcher named Gaetan. To meet with other Witcher room rare, make this quite and also intriguing search indeed. Monitor it come the bloody end and also you’ll be provided the opportunity to preventive or kill Gaeten. There’s no best an option for the story, but in this overview we’ll cover what happens whether you select to death or spare Gaetan in The Witcher 3’s wherein the Cat and also Wolf play quest.

Should you kill or spare Gaetan in where the Cat and also Wolf beat - The Witcher 3

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Once you’ve played through the bulk of this quest, you’ll discover that Gaetan was to reference for plenty of of the deaths you’ve encountered. Following tracks in the final stcouchsurfingcook.come that the quest, you’ll discover him wounded. Speak and also you deserve to hear his next of the story before choosing to one of two people fight come the death and also kill Gaetan, or permit him go on his way. Here’s what you gain for each route.

Spare Gaetan

If you’re trying to find the objectively best an option in regards to loot, us recommend sparing Gaetan. You’ll gain 200 experience and also be granted a new quest called Take What girlfriend Want. This will certainly lead you come a stash of products near Keira Metz’ cabin, defended by part bandits. You’ll discover 250 Crowns, a letter created to Gaetan indigenous his sister, and the steel sword Teigr.

Kill Gaetan

Now we’d argue that Gaetan was really much in the wrong to murder whole villcouchsurfingcook.come the peasants, so you could see this together the ethically superior choice. If you choose to struggle Gaetan he’ll asking if he have the right to drink a potion very first to make it even. If girlfriend couchsurfingcook.comree he’ll rather throw a acting bomb at you that disables potions and blinds you for 60 seconds.

Successfully to win Gaetan (make usage of signs and Dimitirum bomb) and you’ll get 200 experience and be able come loot his body. If you honourably couchsurfingcook.comreed come let the heal, you’ll discover the steel knife Teigr on his body. Otherwise you’ll uncover a fairly rubbish silver sword.

Whichever alternative you choose, remember no to stray too far from Honorton, together you should take the little girl there to her aunt in Oreton. In an interesting note for the wherein the Cat and also Wolf play, if you arrive to the struggle in Witcher equipment from an additional school, Gaetan will describe you together a cross-breed.

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So that’s every there is come know around the selection in the where the Cat and Wolf play sidequest for The Witcher 3. Will the allure the extra loot be sufficient to acquire you to spare Gaetan, or execute you believe he deserves a comeuppance? allow us know what you made decision in the comments under below.