Is her dog itchy, scratchy, and also restless? You have to examine it closely as the exhibits every the common signs the a flea infestation. The infestation should be take away seriously since dog fleas are challenging to eliminate, in particular, if the atmosphere is contaminated.

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Dog Fleas – Appearance and also Lifestyle

What carry out dog fleas look at like?




The fleas are about 3mm high, room flattened on the sides, and have powerful legs v which they have the right to jump approximately 20cm in height and also 60cm in length. However, lock usually just do this come reach their host.

We deserve to recognize fleas with the naked eye top top a dog. However, relying on the severity of the infestation, it may take some time to detect a flea.

Lifestyle & lifespan

To feed, fleas need one meal a day: they pierce the skin and suck the blood of the organize animal.

In theory, they can survive for number of months. However, in practice, the mean lifespan that a flea is only one to 3 weeks, due to the fact that the host pet will death it during its toilet or by biting itself.

Dog Fleas Lifecycle, Lifestyle and also Lifespan

How execute I know if my dog ​​has fleas?

A dog infected through fleas will present the following common symptoms: major itching, small scabs (especially on the back, stomach, and inner thighs), and also possibly hair ns or inflammation of the skin native scratching.

See fleas with the naked eye

It is much from simple to point out adult fleas with the naked eye on the animal’s body. You will certainly only have the ability to spot them with the nude eye if there is a substantial infestation, or if your dog has actually a short coat. The easiest method is to equip yourself with a flea comb and also apply it everywhere your body, but despite everything, friend are an extremely likely not to uncover anything.

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Look because that flea droppings

There is a basic trick to tell if your dog has fleas. Look in its coat if girlfriend find little black pieces: these space flea droppings! You have the right to run a fine comb v his cloak to uncover them. Rub the on a damp absorbent paper. Since flea poop contains undigested blood, you have to see a reddish shade in it.

Flea allergy in dogs

Sometimes dogs likewise develop an allergy to flea saliva, recognized as flea bite allergy dermatitis (also recognized as DAPP). In this disease, a single flea bite is sufficient to cause restlessness, itching and intense scratching. The area approximately the basic of the tail is often affected, which deserve to lead to bleeding and purulent inflammation in this area.

Fleas or dog lice?

Dog lice can likewise cause itching in ours canine friends. Therefore how have the right to we tell lock apart? unlike fleas, lice stick your eggs ~ above the dog’s coat. In addition, the illustration of the two varieties is an extremely different and a veterinarian can with the nude eye (or under a microscope if necessary) tell you what kind of parasite the is. Those more, he can take a swab that the dog’s hair to watch if the finds any kind of lice eggs.

How perform fleas reproduce?

From egg-laying come nymph

Fleas breed in the fur of the infected dog. This is whereby female fleas lay your eggs: 20 egg on average per day and also up to 50 in a solitary laying. Then they autumn to the ground and also are spread in the environment. After a while, the larvae hatch. They will certainly feed on the droppings of adult fleas or organic waste left in the environment. Lock don’t like light and therefore hide in crack in the floor, or in the fibers of the carpet or rugs.

After 2 months, the larvae weave a cocoon whereby the nymph will form.

The wait and also the strike of the host

When over there are signs that a potential host is nearby (heat, the vibration that footsteps top top the ground, carbon dioxide from exhaled air), the “pre-emergent” fleas together they are referred to as at this stage, will hatch and also attack the pet in question. Namely that they can stay 6 months on standby if they carry out not obtain the favorable signals from the environment.

A heavy flea infestation deserve to lead to the death of the organize animal

During a suction time (two come ten minutes), a flea sucks up to 20 times the volume of that is stomach. Thus a heavy parasite infestation in young or weak animals can lead to anemia, or sometimes even death. Bartonellosis, likewise known as cat scratch disease, is among the bacterial diseases. People can likewise be infected with it.

How to treat fleas in dogs?

Contact insecticides

There are various flea products easily accessible to treat her pet. In general, your veterinarian will prescribe a call insecticide an ideal for her companion (age and also breed that the dog, lifestyle, possible allergy, etc.). Follow her vet’s recommendation as some insecticides deserve to be dangerous because that puppies. The duration of action varies in each case, as does the frequency that treatment. And over all, execute not usage an anti-flea product for dogs ~ above a cat, there is no asking your vet for advice: some have the right to be deadly for your hairball.

Development inhibitors

Insecticide commodities are often merged with advancement inhibitors, which subsequently prevent flea larvae from flower from the egg, and existing larvae indigenous molting. This is due to the fact that fleas, every little thing their stage of development, need to be killed and also inhibited at the very same time.

So-called flea vaccines space actually breakthrough inhibitors. Tablets and also some shampoos can likewise be used.

Follow the prescribed treatment

It is necessary to monitor the treatment prescribed by your veterinarian. At as well low a dose, these assets are ineffective, if at as well high a dose, they space dangerous because that the health of her companion.

It is likewise essential come renew the treatment, since it is rare for it come be efficient the an initial time, particularly if the atmosphere is contaminated: her dog can quickly recontaminate itself. You need to take your pain patiently, and also strictly monitor the protocol.

Home therapy & infection to humans

How to death dog fleas in the house?

It is essential to act the environment and to clean the home at the very same time together the dog. Almost 80% that the flea population consists the eggs and larvae, which must be removed before they turn into adult fleas and also infest the dog again. Remember to treat the floor, furniture, cushions, the carry box as well as the ago seat the the car! Wash textiles in ~ 60 come 90 ° C or freeze them because that 24 hours.

Are dog fleas dangerous for humans?

A flea have the right to bite a human being who strokes an infected dog or jump on a person passing nearby if the setting is greatly infested, generally for food. That bite reasons severe itching. Girlfriend can obtain infected by scratching where the bite to be (by bacteria gaining in). Fleas are also carriers of parasites: because that example, children, in particular, deserve to be infected v the tapeworm “Dipylidium caninum” if they swallow an infected flea.

My Dog ​​Has Fleas?

Flea Myths and Beliefs: True native False

There are plenty of myths bordering dog fleas.

Here is an overview of where we disentangle the true indigenous the false.

1) Fleas are only current when it is hot?

Legend has it that fleas only move in hot weather and jump native dog to dog. That wrong! Fleas, the course, choose temperatures between 25 and also 30 degrees, and their reproduction is minimal to low outdoor temperatures. Yet there is no season for these pests, lock are current all year round.

2) there is no blood, fleas die quickly?

Most fleas remain on their hold for as much as 100 days in your lifetime. Typically, dogs choose up their fleas from the surrounding environment, such as when they go for walks. One adult flea can safeguarded in that is cocoon, make it through for up to a year without food and also wait because that a hold to approach. Which invalidates the 2nd myth the fleas die conveniently without feeding on blood.

3) Fleas only colony in dirty apartments?

According to famous belief, fleas are uncovered only in dirty apartments. But a sparkling apartment will additionally be quite suitable for their offspring: in the crack in the floor, in the carpet, between the cushions of the sofas, or in the baskets of the dog and the cat. Vacuuming and also cleaning on regular basis will alleviate the variety of fleas, however unfortunately will not eliminate them permanently.

4) no fleas dangerous?

Some say that a flea alone is no of concern. Well, don’t think them!

Fleas in adulthood are just the reminder of the iceberg. End 90% of fleas are discovered in the atmosphere as eggs, larvae and nymphs, which space future emerging adult fleas.

5) Fleas: in dogs above all?

Fleas are most typically found no in dogs, however in cats. You should not be fooled by its name! This chip is not particular to its host: the affects dogs, but additionally cats, rats and also humans.

6) space fleas harmless come humans?

The medical consequences of flea bites for animals, and also for humans, are usually underestimated. These bites deserve to irritate the skin, transmit bacteria, but additionally the tapeworm: let us quote for example the Ténia Dipylidium Caninum.

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7) carry out garlic and also onion aid fight fleas?

Some civilization claim the you can eliminate fleas v a garlic-based diet or through onion rubs. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really work. And most importantly, garlic and also onion room toxic to dogs.

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