The minute so manyHart the Dixiefans have been waiting forfinallyhappened critical night. It only took 16 episodes of disappointed to obtain to this point, yet here us are: Joel has actually left Bluebell and his relationship with Zoe is end (probably).

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Don’t obtain me wrong – i have actually pertained to like Joel. He is quirky and also his love for the residents of Bluebell is awesome. Ns absolutely going to miss out on hearing the Truitt brothers contact him Joe-el. Yet I’ve never ever once believed that Joel and also Zoe were expected for each other or that their love story to be a great one. It was a safe, dull partnership for a girl that had obtained her love smashed to pieces. And also now it has concerned an end.

But I’m obtaining ahead of myself. Stop talk about how we obtained to this point in “Carrying your Love v Me.” last week, we learned that Joel was heading come LA to supervise his book being turned right into a movie. Zoe’s life is in Bluebell and also she no LA therefore they decided they to be going to try a lengthy distance relationship. Needless to say the was walk to be a challenge and the was only a issue of time prior to things began going wrong.

Joel was super busy and Zoe’s attempts at seducing the via Skype to be one catastrophe after the next. Your plans come visit each various other kept fallout’s through many thanks to trip delays, the weather and the flu. Joel made that to city long enough for lock to have actually a make the end session in her car that left Zoe in tears and also then she checked out LA to surprised him – only to find out that his job was acquisition off so much that he to be headed to London for a year. Joel asked Zoe come go v him, however she couldn’t since there was nothing for her there.

The realization that they had actually to finish things to be handled very maturely and I execute think this is the true takeaway native this relationship. Zoe has grown up a small bit, no completely, yet enough that she deserve to recognize when it’s time to let go of something. Joel didn’t desire to to speak goodbye forever and promised come come ago to Bluebell in a year, but Zoe knew it more than likely wasn’t walking to take place (Dear Show: carry out not enable this come happen). She was hurt and also sad and even though ns was an ext or less cheering from my couch, I carry out feel negative that she was in pain.

But at least she wasn’t alone. Zoe went back to Bluebell and after agree the guy of the Year compensation on Joel’s instead of (Seriously, Show?), Zoe checked out the carriage house to be sad and then Rose showed up, followed quickly by Lavon, Wade, Vivian, AnnaBeth, George and so countless of the various other Bluebell deals with we know and also love. They all crowded around Zoe to bring her comfort and also friendship and also it was so sweet and wonderful and also again, the shows just how far all of these people have come end the seasons. I really love this scene.

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Of course Zoe and also Joel’s drama was no the just thing walking on in the episode. Lemon had a proposition for her ex-fiancé – she wanted George come buy Fancy’s because Shelby wouldn’t offer it to her. Lemon would then buy half of it and also George would certainly be her silent partner. The was no on board with that, yet then he learned the Lilianne had leased it and planned to sing songs about him (and Wade) come entertain/horrify the customers. Lemon, Wade and also George teamed as much as scare Lilianne turn off (literally – lock made that seem favor there were ghosts there) and George and also Lemon became the brand-new owners.

But it to be a disaster due to the fact that all they execute is fight. Wade had to be a buffer between the two and since he had actually his own company to run, he enlisted help from other townspeople consisting of Meatball and Tom to play buffer. George and Lemon got every little thing ready because that the large opening and then the lawyer from last week (I don’t remember she name) showed up and announced that Lilianne to be suing them because that sabotaging her dream (insert suitable legal ax here). Wade and also Vivian stepped up alongside bail lock out. Vivian tried gift polite and also then she hilariously intimidated Lilianne into giving up the restaurant.

Wade want to find Lemon and also George and also tell lock the good news, but no one had actually seen them. The turned the end that they were drinking away your troubles and then sleeping together top top George’s boat. A horrified Lemon easily slipped out in the morning, however what go this new development mean? will certainly we be seeing George and also Lemon take Two? ns think I can get behind that. I wasn’t crazy around them together a couple the very first time roughly because they were both hiding so plenty of things, but now that whatever is the end in the open and also they have no trouble standing up to one another? This can be interesting.

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So there you have it – another pair bites the dust and also it’s ultimately the best one. Ns guessing it’s only a issue of time before Wade and also Vivian find themselves dealing with irreconcilable differences. In the meantime, we’ve got George and also Lemon and whatever is happening between them to entertain us.

Now it’s her turn. Walk you gain the episode? exactly how happy are you the Joel and also Zoe finally damaged up? Or room you sad to watch Joel go? What perform you think around George and Lemon hooking up? go you roll your eyes as soon as Joel was announced guy of the year? will certainly Brick ever before get his desire award? hit the comments and also share your thoughts and also theories with us!