After tooth extraction, frequently of the wisdom teeth, your competent dentist will offer you instructions. These instructions will detail the best way to store your mouth clean. This is an extremely important because that the healing process. One question that is generally asked is even if it is or no it is safe to use mouthwash after ~ a tooth extraction. The quick answer is no, but we’ll go detailed on explaining why.

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What is Mouthwash?

Mouthwash is a common, regularly daily, dentist hygiene product. It have the right to strengthen your enamel, malfunction leftover plaque, and more. Some contain alcohol in order come act as an antiseptic. But, you deserve to purchase mouthwash v no alcohol. It is essential to keep in mind that utilizing mouthwash is intended to be supplied in conjunction v brushing and also flossing. That is not a replacement for brushing your teeth.

Is it safe to use Mouthwash after ~ A this Extraction?

No, it is no safe to offered mouthwash ~ a tooth extraction because it can reason the blood gerean to dislodge. The golden rule is to stop all mouthwash because that at least 24 hrs after the extraction. Instead, you deserve to swish around warm salt water in her mouth to store things clean. This can be excellent 4 time a day.

Also, mouthwash often contains alcohol. This is one of the key things that should be avoided after ~ a tooth extraction. Alcohol can cause a this socket to dry up. This can lead come some major irritation and also pain.

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All that being said, it is really clear the mouthwash is a no-go when you are going through the this extraction heal process.


If girlfriend are scheduled for any form of tooth extraction or think you might need one, our skilled dentist will advise girlfriend on the best course of activity and care. If girlfriend have any kind of questions at all, schedule an appointment with us for an ext information.