Switch based LLDP-MED or MAC OUI to know is the preferred technique to set a phone right into a specific VLAN.

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On bootup, the switch have the right to identify the maker is a phone using LLDP-MED and can ar the machine into the exactly VLAN automatically. This is occasionally referred to as a Voice VLAN in move configurations. Every switch merchant implements this differently, but almost all managed switches have this feature in one form or another.

Some switches will use actual LLDP-MED to determine a connected an equipment as a phone, when some frequently times lower cost switches will just use the MAC deal with OUI.

General method For Configuration

Create a new VLAN devoted for voice trafficTag brand-new voice web traffic VLAN come ports phones will connect toIdentify the brand-new VLAN as a "voice" or "phone" form VLANSetup classification technique for gadgets that are to be thought about a phoneVerify call receives DHCP on voice VLAN indigenous voice scope, and also calls room able to complete.

In either case, the general setup is a default/native/untagged vlan ~ above an user interface for the data traffic, and a second tagged VLAN established as the voice VLAN on the same interface. Once the call boots up, the switch identifies the machine as a phone, and associates the phones traffic v the tagged voice VLAN.

There room other approaches that require facility DHCP setups, or statically assigning the VLAN identifier right into each phone individually. Neither space supported through couchsurfingcook.com.



While facility double-fetch DHCP approaches are not required when the network switches renders the determination regarding which VLAN a an equipment belongs, a DHCP server or Relay is still required on the voice VLAN so that phones are able to get an IP address.

MAC attend to OUI

Short because that Organizational Unique Identifier, the an initial 24 bits that a MAC address for a network-connected device, which indicate the specific seller for the device. The IEEE assigns OUIs come vendors. (The last 24 bits the the MAC address are the device"s distinct serial number, assigned come the maker by the manufacturer.)

The OUI periodically is referred to as the Vendor ID.

Vendor OUI

Mitel: 08-00-0F

Polycom: 00-04-F2


TheLink Layer discovery Protocol(LLDP) is a vendor-neutrallink layerprotocol used by network tools for proclaiming their identity, capabilities, and also neighbors ~ above anIEEE 802local area network, principallywired Ethernet.The protocol is formally described by the IEEE asStation and also Media access Control Connectivity Discoveryspecified inIEEE 802.1ABandIEEE 802.3 section 6 clause 79.

LLDP performs functions comparable to severalproprietary protocols, such asCisco discovery Protocol (CDP),Foundry discovery Protocol,Nortel exploration ProtocolandLink layer Topology Discovery.

Media endpoint exploration extension

Media Endpoint Discoveryis an improvement of LLDP, known asLLDP-MED, that offers the complying with facilities:

Auto-discovery the LAN plans (such as VLAN,Layer 2 PriorityandDifferentiated services(Diffserv) settings) enablingplug and playnetworking.Extended and also automated power management ofPower end Ethernet(PoE) finish points.Inventory management, allowing network administrators come track your network devices, and also determine their qualities (manufacturer, software and hardware versions, serial or legacy number).

The LLDP-MED protocol extension was officially approved and also published as the typical ANSI/TIA-1057 by theTelecommunications industry Association(TIA) in April 2006.

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Below is an instance of the info a switch have the right to learn about a connected device that support LLDP-MED.