Windows disc Cleanup is the energy to use whenever you want to defragment your tough drive.

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Windows needs free space on the difficult drive for normal operation, for defragmenting the drive, because that burning CDs and DVDs, and for a selection of various other tasks, so it’s important to delete unneeded files occasionally.

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Defragmenting is no recommended because that solid-state difficult drives.

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Using home windows 7 Backup and also Restore, friend can ago up the volume ~ above which home windows is installed.

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The chkdsk command will certainly not solve anything ~ above the drive uneven the journey is unlocked.

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What form of warehouse drive contains spinning platters?

optical difficult drive solid-state drives floppy hard drives magnetic hard disk drives

magnetic hard disk drives

What is Pagefile.sys provided for in Windows?

system paper storage to keep E-books video RAM online memory

virtual memory

What is an additional name because that a file allocation unit?

sector cluster segment fragment


How frequently does home windows 7/Vista instantly defragment a hard drive?

once a week once a day when a month when an hour

once a week

What command should you usage to rearrange parts of documents on the journey so they space contiguous?

Optimize analysis Defrag Chkdsk


In order to ensure drive health, what command should you use to search for and repair paper system errors?

Defrag Chkdsk analyze Optimize


What is a photo of the device settings and also configuration called?

rollback allude restore unit rollback unit restore point

restore point

Restore clues are produced at constant intervals and also just before you install software program or hardware by what utility?

system Activation system Protection device Restoration system Prevention

System Protection

What is the 4th partition ~ above a tough drive called?

prolonged partition grasp boot record volume main partition

extended partition

Using what home windows 7 utility permits you to create a back-up schedule that deserve to include any folder ~ above the hard drive and the device image?

automatically System backup Complete computer Recovery Automated mechanism Recovery Backup and also Restore

Backup and Restore

What partition is the bootable partition the startup BIOS turns to when trying to find an operating mechanism to begin up on an MBR partitioned drive?

prolonged partition startup partition active partition volume

active partition

If you go into a command and also want to terminate its execution prior to it is finished, what an essential press need to you use?

Ctrl+C Ctrl+V Ctrl+B Ctrl+X


What command create a subdirectory under a directory?



How much storage go a dynamic disk need for the disk administration database?

1 MB 10 GB 5 MB 50 MB

1 MB

You can use what utility to transform two or an ext basic disks come dynamic disks?

Disk monitoring Windows administration System administration Disk Config

Disk Management

If a storage pool is configured together if that has an ext virtual storage 보다 the physics drives in reality offer, what function is gift used?

thick provisioning thin provisioning clearly zeroing implicit zeroing

thin provisioning

What option, when passed come the shutdown command, will restart the regional computer?

/h -h /s /r


Volumes within an extensive partition are well-known by what term?

prolonged volumes extra volumes logical drives logical expansions

logical drives

On a magnetic drive, what is the most typical sector size?

512 bytes 512 KB 16 KB 4 KB

512 bytes

What hatchet is used to define the unused an are at the end of the last cluster?

zero slack void null


In Windows, what two terms explain the energetic partition on one MBR drive, and the ar where the home windows operating system is stored, respectively?

primary partition reasonable partition device partition boot partition

system partition boots partition

What status indicators apply only to dynamic disks? (Choose all that apply.)

foreign drive Unallocated healthy (At Risk) Active

Foreign drive healthy and balanced (At Risk)

What file systems sustained by Windows deserve to be provided for volumes and drives that don’t host the windows installation? (Choose all that apply.)



What space two approaches that deserve to be provided to cost-free up disk an are on a hard drive?

-Format the tough drive -Delete the Windows/System brochure -Uninstall software program you no much longer use -Use journey compression

uninstall software program you no longer use usage drive compression

Text documents that are dubbed initialization records often make use of what two record name extensions?

.init .ini .inf .start

.ini .inf

used to boost the amount of lamb in a system

virtual memory

rearranges records on the drive right into as few segments together possible


an extra copy that a data or software document that you can use if the original file becomes damaged or destroyed


the as whole structure an OS uses to name, store, and also organize files on a drive

file system

a volume that deserve to be accessed by way of a folder on an additional volume so the the folder has more available space

mounted drive

snapshots of the system and also include windows system papers that have changed

restore points

searches for bad sectors top top a volume and also recovers the data native them if possible