On Valentine's day in 1990, His Airness was forced to undertake a No. 12 jersey as his No. 23 jersey to be unavailable in Orlando. Find out why:

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On Valentine"s work in 1990, Michael Jordan wore a nameless No. 12 jersey.

For 1,054 the his 1,070 regular-season games, Jordan - among the greatest players in couchsurfingcook.com background - do the No. 23 famous. Courtesy that "The last Dance", also his quick stint through No. 45 ended up being famous and also known come all.

But what around No. 12?


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It all taken place on Feb. 14 in 1990 in Orlando in the finale the the Bulls" six-game road trip. Chicouchsurfingcook.comgo entered the game with a record of 29-19, having lost 4 of their last five.

couchsurfingcook.com superstar Michael Jordan was forced to undertake a nameless No. 12 jersey, after ~ his No. 23 jersey went absent after the team at the arena a couple of hours earlier. Desire to know what happened? The Orlando Magic, themselves, flood the beans:

You may know about the time No.23 played as No.12, yet do you know the