The loop in the figure has an induced current as presented. The loophas actually a resistance of 0.30 Ω .(Figure 1)


1 of 1The number shows a square loop through two horizontal and also twovertical sides. The loop has actually side of 8.0 centimeters. The currentof 150 milliamperes flows with the loop counterclockwise.Magnetic field inside the loop is directed right into the page.

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Part A

Is the magnetic area toughness boosting or decreasing?

Is the magnetic field stamina enhancing or decreasing?

Part B

What is the price of readjust of the field, ΔB/Δt?

Expush your answer in tesla per second.

— 150 mA x x х x x x x x x 8.0 cm x x x x x x x x x x 8.0 cm

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direction by current i':- O out side and ginen so, its decreasing DB = ? DB at B. A $ - BA & d6 = A DO ot dt i = Ê E: iR 0.04s velt A= 64x100 m² Dt 0.04s= (64 X16 ) DE Be - 7.03125 TL Dt
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part-A given that the existing is counter- clockwise, In ward magnetic flun is Increasing . According to Lenz's law this present need to be to oppose counterclockwise. Part-B I view 0:30 190x17% = suxo * x e A = 7.0 T/
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