A laboring woman obtained a narcotic medication because that pain relief 1 hour before delivery.The infant does not have spontaneous respirations and also does not boost with stimulation.Your an initial priority is to

Start positive-pressure ventilation

During resuscitation, a infant is responding come positive-pressure ventilation with a rapidly boosting heart rate. She heart rate and also oxygen saturation all of sudden worsen.She has lessened breath sound on the left side and transillumination additionally reveals a bright light on the left side.What is the most likely reason of this distress?

Left-sided pneumothorax

Which that the adhering to is true about the preparation and resources essential for a an extremely preterm birth?

Prepare the preheated radiant warmer with a heat mattress, plastic pave or bag, and a hat.

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Which the the following may be connected with delay cord clamping in vigorous preterm newborns?

Decreased need for blood transfusions

For a newborn weighing 1 kg, what dose of 1:10,000 (0.1 mg/mL) concentration of intravenous epinephrine is indicated?

0.1 mL

A baby required ventilation and chest compressions. ~ 60 seconds of chest compressions, the electronic cardiac monitor indicates a heart rate of 70 beats every minute. What is your following action?

Stop chest compressions; continue positive-pressure ventilation.

How soon after management of intravenous epinephrine must you pause compressions and also reassess the baby’s heart rate?

1 minute

What is the preferred method for assessing love rate throughout chest compressions?

Electronic cardiac (ECG) monitoring

A baby’s heart price does not boost after intubation and the breath sounds room louder on the right side 보다 the left side of the chest. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is a common cause of asymmetric breath sound in one intubated baby?

Endotracheal tube put too deep

If a preterm birth is anticipated, at what temperature need to the room it is in set?

23ºC come 25ºC (74° F – 77° F)

After chest compressions with coordinated ventilations room started, the heart rate must be assessed:

After 60 seconds

In most cases, who is (are) the usual and appropriate surrogate decision maker(s) for a newborn?

The newborn’s parents

You are in the distribution room caring because that a preterm newborn at 27 weeks’ gestation. The baby is 5 minute old and also breathing spontaneously. The baby’s heart price is 120 beats every minute and the oxygen saturation is 90% in room air. The baby’s respirations space labored. Which of the following is an ideal action?

Administer CPAP at 5 centimeter H20 pressure

You room in the shipment room caring because that a preterm newborn at 27 weeks’ gestation. Resuscitation has been completed and the infant is prepared to be transported to the neonatal intensive care unit. Which of the adhering to is a true statement about the baby’s subsequent care?

Monitor blood glucose levels since of the danger of hypoglycemia after ~ birth.

What time frame should be used to carry out intravenous epinephrine?

Rapid push, as quickly as possible

When space chest compressions indicated?

When the heart rate remains less than 60 beats per minute ~ 30 seconds of positive-pressure ventilation that moves the chest, preferably with an alternative airway.

Which statement finest describes the moral principle(s) that guide the resuscitation of a newborn?

The method to decision in the newborn must be guided by the same values used because that adults and also older children.

A baby born at 36 weeks’ gestation was apneic after birth and also required positive-pressure ventilation and also oxygen supplementation in the delivery room. He proceeds to call for supplemental oxygen after ~ birth. Which of the following statements is true?

His blood glucose level have to be checked soon after resuscitation and also then at consistent intervals till stable and also normal.

What is the appropriate dose of 1:10,000 (0.1 mg/mL) concentration the epinephrine for endotracheal administration to a baby weighing 3 kg?

1.5 mL

When coordinating positive-pressure ventilation through chest compressions, how countless events are performed every minute?

30 breaths, 90 compressions

A child requires facility resuscitation. You have actually intubated and are administering positive-pressure ventilation and also chest compressions. Which 3 indicators are used to evaluate the performance of her actions, and also the require to proceed one or both of this measures?

Respirations, heart rate, oxygen saturation

Which the the following statements is true around resuscitating and stabilizing very premature newborns?

They have actually more an obstacle achieving reliable spontaneous ventilation 보다 term newborns

Which of the complying with is the best indication because that volume expansion after resuscitative efforts that consisted of intubation, chest compressions, and IV epinephrine?

The baby’s heart rate remains 50 beats every minute after resuscitative efforts and also pulses room weak.

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A mother had actually an emergency cesarean birth at 39 weeks’ gestational due to the fact that of suddenly fetal bradycardia and also a doubt placental abruption. After ~ birth, the baby required considerable resuscitation including positive press ventilation, intubation, chest compressions and intravenous epinephrine. Afterward, the baby has bad tone, lethargy, and apnea. Which of the following statements is true?

Promptly evaluate her for feasible therapeutic hypothermia (cooling) treatment and also contact the nearest cooling center.

When a newborn has actually a high danger of mortality and also there is a significant burden of morbidity amongst survivors, what must be had in your conversation with the parents concerning options for resuscitation?