Policy briefs space a key tool to existing research and recommendations come a non-specialized audience. They serve as a vehicle for providing evidence-based plan advice to assist readers make notified decisions.

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A strong policy short distills study findings in level language and draws clear web links to policy initiatives. The best policy briefs room clear and concise stand-alone documents that focus on a solitary topic.

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Planning your plan brief

Purpose, audience, content, and also structure are the critical elements that an prominent policy brief.


A policy short should educate readers the a specific issue, suggest feasible policy options, and make recommendations. It is in upfront around your purpose from the start, maintain a laser emphasis on your direction, and link every paragraph earlier to her purpose. Provided the conciseness of many policy briefs, execute not comment on tangential information. A convincing policy short should communicate the urgency that the issue and focus ~ above the services and benefits of complying with your policy advice.


Write out your purpose before drafting a brief, describe it often, and also ensure that every little thing you write serves the purpose.The intention of plan briefs is to market your readers advice on exactly how to resolve a details problem, so stay concentrated on this target alone.

Policy briefs should be available and targeted to a particular audience. Before you start writing, establish whom your prospective readers are, their attention in and level of knowledge of the subject, the info they will have to make a decision, and how open up they room to your recommendations.


A policy quick should be clear, succinct, and also focus ~ above a single topic.


Do not exceed 1,500 words or two pages in length. Define the objective of her policy short up front.Include only crucial information. Avoid tangents or gift overly descriptive around methodology.Clearly determine the salient points that assistance your goal.Draft a brand-new purpose-driven policy quick instead that summarizing or cutting under an currently report.

The structure need to lead the reader from difficulty to solution. Plainly structure your policy brief before you start writing and use section headings to overview your content. Be clear about your plan recommendations and how they room supported by evidence.

The structure must be audience-specific and reflect each audience’s interests. For example, a focus on proof is relevant for researchers, yet a federal government official might value brevity and clear evaluation of policy impacts.


Some typical section headings are summary, context, analysis/discussion, considerations, conclusion/recommendation.

Policy short template

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to writing policy briefs because the topic and also audience will form each one. However, effective policy briefs often tend to save the same key elements and also therefore have similar structures: an executive summary, an introduction, an introduction of the research or problem, an check of the findings, and also a concluding ar that explains the policy recommendations and implications the the research.

Review the elements of an efficient structure (in information below) prior to writing your policy brief. Examples drawn from’s thrive policy briefs are contained throughout to help you get a better understanding the layout and also the content requirements of every section.

executive summary

Every policy short should open with a brief summary. This overview should be engaging and aid busy readers conveniently understand your argument. Most summaries take it the kind of a quick paragraph or two, however some authors choose to structure theirs together a few bullet points. Regardless of which format you choose, an reliable executive summary should condensation the essence of the short down come a couple of sentences.


The executive summary should always appear top top the covering of the brief or at the top of the first page so that it is the an initial thing a reader will see.It can be useful to write the executive an overview last since you will gain clarity top top its contents as you draft the other sections.

Increasing women’s support for democracy in Africa includes both a composed overview and a bulleted list of vital results (an executive summary does not need to incorporate both, but each is effective). The overview gives a brief review of the research while the vital results current the result at a glance.


The arrival should collection up the rest of the paper and plainly convey your argument. In one or 2 paragraphs, define why you space writing the brief and express the urgency and importance of the subject to her audience. A an excellent introduction should contain every one of the relevant info for your argument. Describe the crucial questions that your evaluation and your conclusions. The goal is come leave your readers with a clear sense of what your study is around while enticing them to continue reading.

”What’s at Stake?”, the introduction for Increasing women’s assistance for democracy in Africa, vividly presents the issues and relevance of the research in just a couple of short paragraphs. A succinct summary of the brief’s goals provides the leader a firm knowledge of the form of the rest of the paper.

research study overview

This is among the most vital sections that the brief due to the fact that it describes the reasoning behind your plan recommendations. In effect, this section explains the problem that your policy recommendations intend to solve.

Provide a review of the truth to describe the issues, contexts, and also research methods. Focus on two main elements: the research approach and the research results.

Research approach: explain how the study was conducted, who carried out it, just how the data was collected, and any various other relevant lift information.Research results: repaint a general snapshot of the study findings prior to moving on come the specifics.

Present the outcomes in a means that lends them come your analysis and argument, however do not translate them yet. By the end of this section, the reader should have actually a firm understanding of the research and be primed for her argument. The score is to take it them top top a journey that ends with them seeing the truth from your perspective.


Avoid jargon and also overly technological language.Focus ~ above highlighting the benefits and opportunities stemming native the research.

​The research overview (entitled “Research approach”) in Reducing kid marriage and increasing girls’ schooling in Bangladesh provides an explanation the the research methodology without becoming mired in too much detail. The author favours basic language and also a straightforward summary of the numbers rather of making use of jargon or complex statistics. The research study results are questioned in the complying with section, one effective choice for study that calls for a good deal the data evaluation to contextualize the findings.

This ar should translate the data in a method that is available and plainly connected to your plan advice. Express principles using active language and solid assertions. The score is to be convincing, but ensure the your analysis is balanced and also defensible. Describe the findings and limitations of the research plainly and comprehensively. For example, if the original hypothesis to be abandoned, define why.


Express research study findings in terms of just how they relate to concrete realities (instead of theoretical abstractions) so the leader will have actually a clean idea that the potential impacts of policy initiatives.

The “Key findings” section of How to prosper women-owned businesses provides a quick overview of the findings before breaking under the results. Each research study finding is gift independently and with clean headings. Also if a reader just skims the document, the headings administer a basic understanding the the research study findings. The graphic in this section easily convey information from the study findings and they aid to visually rest up the text on the page.

This last section of the policy brief should information the actions recommended by the research study findings. Attract the connect for her readers in between the study findings and also your recommendations. Use persuasive language to existing your recommendations, yet ensure the all debates are rooted firmly and plainly in evidence created by the research. You desire your reader to be completely convinced that yours is the best advice.

Examine the implications and the recommendations produced through the research. Implications are the impacts that the research could have in the future. They room a soft yet persuasive strategy to describe the potential aftermath of certain policies. This is a great opportunity to carry out an outline of policy options by presenting your reader v the full variety of plan options.

Follow increase the implications with your recommendations. Beyond being descriptive, her recommendations need to act as a contact to action by stating precise, relevant, credible, and also feasible next steps. It might strengthen your discussion to demonstrate why other policies are not as reliable as her recommendations.


Think that the conclusion as a mirror to her introduction: you are when again providing review of your argument, yet this time you space underlining that strength fairly than introducing it.

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”Lessons for policy and practice”, the conclusion of Unpaid care and also women’s empowerment: Lessons from research and practice, gift a collection of wide policy references that are plainly linked ago to the research. Each recommendation has actually its own section and heading to make them easy to identify and understand.