Two large balloon teas because that $8 in ~ Presotea? authorize me up! In this review, I’ll it is in looking at two of the most popular bubble tea flavours – initial milk tea and also taro.

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The new topping tasting occasion held in 189 Dundas Street W yesterday. Everyone delighted in their fresh brewed tea with different flavour Boba Jelly.

A short article shared by Presotea Canada (


As among the newer bubble tea spots near the Yonge-Dundas area, Presotea is located on 189 Dundas Street W., close to other hefty hitters prefer Chatime and also Bubble Tease. Through a much smaller room and minimal seating, this is much more of a “grab and also go” type of balloon tea cafe.

I’ve always loved your packaging, v the plastic height displaying your mascot representing different nations. The RCMP top top the Canadian version? at sight cute.

What ns Ordered

The present promotion they have running is that you can choose two large-sized drink from a details list because that $8 – definitely not a negative deal at all! This is a an excellent way to try brand-new flavours, specifically if you’re out through a friend. I determined to go with two of your most famous drinks: the Panda Milk Tea and Taro Milk Tea.

Panda Milk Tea

The an initial drink i ordered was the standard milk tea, v a Presotea-branded twist. Huge with less ice and also no sugar, two things differentiates Presotea’s “panda milk tea” from other bubble tea stores. First, the surname of the drink – panda – describes the black and also white pearl (tapioca). However, if the two pearl species are meant to be various in any method other than dimension (the white pearls are smaller), I definitely couldn’t make the end the flavours. As soon as I take it a sip of the drink, both the black and also white pearls tasted exactly the same.

Eating the pearl in isolation external of the drink, there was some difference. The black color tapioca pearls were sweeter vice versa, the white pearl didn’t have actually much the a flavour through themselves. Regardless, both the black and also white pearls were cooked perfectly. They to be soft and squishy (which, admittedly, may turn off some world who favor a denser, chewier tapioca pearl).

As for the base drink itself, Presotea’s traditional milk tea has actually an interesting flavour that’s distinct to that chain. It’s difficult to describe however I would certainly say it has a strong aftertaste memory of oolong tea. It definitely has a herbal flair rather than a milky one.

Taro Milk Tea

Blah. That’s just how I felt about this drink, which is unfortunate because taro is among my favourite flavours. The consistency that the drink was slightly thicker than the Panda milk tea and also it had a little bit of a chalky or grainy texture. After ~ leaving it come sit on the table for a while, there was a class of powder that had resolved at the bottom of the cup.

However, for human being with a sweet this wanting a drink v a strong taro flavour, you’ll most likely enjoy this one.

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Would ns Drink It come The last Drop?

Panda Milk Tea


While the whole “panda pearls” might be a little bit gimmicky, there’s no denying this drink is solid. The milk tea flavour is smooth and also refreshing. I’d definitely recommend it!

Taro Milk Tea

The taro flavour is definitely strong, but the chalky texture of the drink entirely turns me off. This is one ns won’t be obtaining again.


One last Tip

Even v no sugar, the Panda Milk Tea is full of flavour. Absolutely consider gaining this drink with no or less sugar to get more of the tea taste!