Two large bubble teas for $8 at Presotea? Sign me up! In this evaluation, I’ll be looking at two of the many famous bubble tea flavours – original milk tea and also taro.

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The brand-new topping tasting event held in 189 Dundas Street W yesterday. Everyone delighted in their freshly brewed tea via various flavour Boba Jelly.

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As among the newer bubble tea spots close to the Yonge-Dundas location, Presotea is located on 189 Dundas Street W., close to other hefty hitters choose Chatime and Bubble Tease. With a a lot smaller sized room and restricted seating, this is more of a “grab and also go” kind of bubble tea cafe.

I’ve constantly loved their packaging, through the plastic height displaying their mascot representing various countries. The RCMP on the Canadian version? Super cute.

What I Ordered

The existing promotion they have actually running is that you can choose 2 large-sized drinks from a particular list for $8 – absolutely not a bad deal at all! This is a good means to try brand-new flavours, especially if you’re out with a frifinish. I decided to go through two of their a lot of popular drinks: the Panda Milk Tea and Taro Milk Tea.

Panda Milk Tea

The first drink I ordered was the classical milk tea, via a Presotea-branded twist. Large with much less ice and no sugar, 2 things differentiates Presotea’s “panda milk tea” from other bubble tea stores. First, the name of the drink – panda – describes the babsence and also white pearls (tapioca). However, if the 2 pearl types are supposed to be different in any method various other than dimension (the white pearls are smaller), I definitely couldn’t make out the flavours. When I took a sip of the drink, both the babsence and white pearls tasted exactly the same.

Eating the pearls in isolation external of the drink, tbelow was some difference. The black tapioca pearls were sweeter whereas the white pearls didn’t have actually a lot of a flavour by themselves. Regardless, both the black and also white pearls were cooked perfectly. They were soft and also squishy (which, admittedly, might revolve off some civilization who prefer a denser, chewier tapioca pearl).

As for the base drink itself, Presotea’s traditional milk tea has actually an interesting flavour that’s distinctive to that chain. It’s tough to describe yet I would say it has a solid aftertaste reminiscent of oolengthy tea. It absolutely has a herbal flair rather than a milky one.

Taro Milk Tea

Blah. That’s exactly how I felt around this drink, which is unfortunate bereason taro is just one of my favourite flavours. The consistency of the drink was slightly thicker than the Panda milk tea and also it had actually a little of a chalky or grainy texture. After leaving it to sit on the table for a while, tright here was a layer of powder that had settled at the bottom of the cup.

However before, for people via a sweet tooth wanting a drink through a strong taro flavour, you’ll probably gain this one.

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Would I Drink It To The Last Drop?

Panda Milk Tea


While the totality “panda pearls” may be a little bit gimmicky, there’s no denying this drink is solid. The milk tea flavour is smooth and also refreshing. I’d definitely recommfinish it!

Taro Milk Tea

The taro flavour is absolutely strong, however the chalky texture of the drink completely turns me off. This is one I won’t be gaining again.


One Last Tip

Even via no sugar, the Panda Milk Tea is full of flavour. Definitely consider gaining this drink through no or much less sugar to get more of the tea taste!