Q: perform you know where I have the right to buy part Wolfsbane? none of thestores roughly here carry it. I know it"s a genuine plant and also I desire togrow a small plot full. Any info you have on this plant would certainly beappreciated. Thank you.- thomas Lehner

A:Perhaps few of the challenge in recognize Wolfsbane is becauseit is recognized by another an ext popular name and also that is "Monkshood."Its clinical name is Aconitum. There are more than 100 varieties inthis genus, some being indigenous to north America, and others nativeto Europe and also Asia. The one you have in mind may be A. Henryi or atleast that is the name of the one most frequently sold as the gardenvariety.

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While several of the difficulty in recognize a resource may it is in thename, the tree still is not simple to find. I discovered only 2 sourcesamong my countless catalogs. One of them is Wayside Gardens , ns GardenLane, Hodges, S.C., 29695-0001.Their offerings are A. X bicolorknown as "Bressingham Spire" and another as "Blue Lagoon."

Another source is The Flower Factory, 4062 Highway A, Stoughton.They sell six various varieties or cultivars.

I must mention, although you probably already know, Monkshoodis an extremely poisonous; any part of the tree is poisonous. Because that me, thatwas lucky. My sister had actually a plant, yet when she heard it waspoisonous she provided it come me for fear that one of her grandchildrenjust might try to taste a part of it. Dried leaves and roots areused medicinally for the medicine aconite because that sedation and also pain relief,but let us leave that to the biochemists!

Q: ns am having actually trouble v my pansies. Ns bought number of plantsin spring and also since I believed they favored a most light ns plantedthem follow me my blacktop driveway whereby they get full sun. Howeverthey are not doing well at all. What is wrong?

- Alec Vanke A:Pansies perform like light and also full sun, however they donot choose heat. The is the reason why pansies are among the firstflowers discovered at garden centers in spring.

That is likewise why pansies room planted in late summer and earlyfall in locations like our southern states and also southern Europe. Theblacktop the the driveway absorbs a the majority of heat and also may serve toheat up the medium in i beg your pardon the pansies room growing. One assist maybe to tree them in partial the shade and additionally mulch roughly the rootzone to save the soil a little cooler. Some breeding has to be done toproduce heat-tolerant plants, yet even some of these will stopblooming once it gets yes, really hot. Also, be details to dead-headyour plants.

That means to reduced off the flower after bloom so energy goesinto producing more flowers quite than seeds.

Besides adding to the color and joy of her garden, pansies makea lover garnish and are edible in case someone tastes them.According the Melinda Meyers, writer of "Garden book forWisconsin," they can be frozen in ice cream cubes and also then supplied to givethe punch key a little bit of color.

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If girlfriend cannot acquire your pansies earlier to acceptable performanceyou may wish come buy part in September for shade until a hardfrost.

Write to tree pathologist Sister mary Francis Heimann c/o theWisconsin State Journal, P.O. Box 8058, couchsurfingcook.com, Wis., 53708, ore-mail daybreak



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