YouTube sensation Hayes Grier partnered with skilled dancer Emma Slater ~ above Dancing with The Stars in 2015.

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He doesn’t mind merganser days, but loves security time in sunny California too.

Since the begin of his Vine career, it is assumed that the has gained an typical of 100,000 pendant every solitary week.

After posting numerous videos which could be understood as being racist, the Grier brothers began the hashtag ‘#notaracist’ to prevent leading to offense to their viewers.

Hayes Grier’s father Chad coaches football in ~ the institution which Nash attends. He was concerned at first that the net popularity could be a little bit too lot for his sons.

He desires to have kids at part point, but he stated in 2015 that he didn’t want them for a lengthy while yet.

Hayes’ favorite animal is a tiger.

He claimed that his favourite number has always been 7.

His eyes are normally blue even though human being often think that wears colored contact lenses.

In a Q & A session, he declared to check out 2-3 publications every single day.

If he might have a superpower, that would pick to have super-speed. He would certainly rather have this 보다 invisibility.

He owns a red pennyboard which the likes to invest time on to remain active.

Hayes Grier is a pan of music, and loves hearne to country music in particular.

Hayes likes a good adventure, and enjoys winter sports including snowboarding.

You deserve to follow his Twitter account

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Hayes has actually many, numerous Snapchat names… try adding: thehayesgrier3, thhayesgrier oryaboyhayesg.