When opening the maker Manager, a screen comparable to the example snapshot should appear. All categories should have actually +"s or arrows pointing to the right beside each that the maker categories with no Other devices or Unknown devices listed. However, when troubles occur, girlfriend may have actually one or more of the errors below.

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If you get an error as soon as trying to open up the maker Manager, this may indicate there space corrupt files in Windows. It may be vital to run a home windows repair process, making use of the home windows CD or DVD, to correct this issue.

Exclamation note or other devices


When a device has a yellow circle with an exclamation mark under Other devices, this suggests that the machine is conflict with various other hardware. Or, the may show that the device or its vehicle drivers are not mounted properly.

Double-clicking and also opening the an equipment with the error reflects you one error code.

What to execute with exclamation note or other devices

Remove all gadgets with one exclamation mark and also any Other devices from device Manager through highlighting them and pressing the delete crucial on the keyboard. As soon as they have actually all to be removed, reboot the computer system and enable Windows to re-detect the devices.

If, after ~ rebooting the computer, the device Manager stays the same, windows is no installing the devices because it lacks the ideal driver support. You need to download the latest chauffeurs for that device or use the initial installation disc that came with the hardware.

Red "x"


The an equipment is disabled, removed, or home windows cannot situate the device.

What to execute with red X

If you want this machine enabled, double-click the machine with a red x. In ~ the bottom of the basic tab, click the Device usage drop-down box whereby it says Do not use this machine (disabled) and select "Use this maker (enabled)".

If this is not easily accessible or is already enabled, to mark the maker in maker Manager and also press delete on the key-board to remove the device. Reboot the computer and let windows re-detect the device.

If, after ~ rebooting the computer, the machine Manager continues to be the same, windows is no installing the devices since it lacks the suitable driver support. You"ll have to download the latest motorists for that maker or usage the initial installation disc that came v the hardware.

Down arrow


In home windows Vista and later, if you watch a tiny down arrow next to the machine (shown in the picture), it suggests the an equipment is disabled.

What to do with down arrow

To solve this issue, double-click the device, click the Driver tab and also click the enable button. After that is enabled, restart the computer, if prompted to do so.

Missing hardware or Unknown device

Missing hardware

If friend don"t view the an equipment you space trying to install in device Manager, and there are no "Other devices" listed, the device is not detected by the computer. Even if windows does not have the suitable driver assistance for the device, it must still put that maker under Other devices or Unknown device.

Try transforming off the computer, disconnecting and also reconnecting the hardware device, and transforming the computer back on. If home windows still does not detect the device, either that an equipment is no compatible with your variation of Windows, or it is bad.

Unknown device


If devices are detected however showing as an Unknown device, this suggests that home windows doesn"t have the ideal driver support for the device.

Sometimes identifying an Unknown machine can be daunting if you have not set up anything recently and also have no idea what the Unknown maker may it is in in the computer.

If you have recently reinstalled Windows countless times, you could get more than one Unknown an equipment in the computer. Installing the computer"s chipset drivers from the driver key or a download have to solve most, if not all, Unknown devices. Also, going through the setup on her driver CD deserve to solve plenty of Unknown maker problems.

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If you room trying to install a new an equipment for your computer, make sure to run the setup or download the drivers from the included disc. If you perform not have a motorists disc, the motorists can be download from the manufacturer"s website.