We’ve all heard the urban legends, or know that one male who swears black and also blue, the drinking bong water will gain you yes, really high. If you ever wanted to understand the truth about what happens once you drink bong water climate this is the post for you.

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Bong Water tastes foul, it’s complete of carcinogens, and is more than likely to offer you stomach troubles, if no induce outright vomiting.

For this reason, also if you regulated to down the 0.6+ gallons that Bong Water that would be required to was standing a opportunity of acquiring high; opportunities are the you would battle to store it down long enough for her body to absorb the THC together it passes v your system.

Before you ask. Boiling the Bong Water right into a tea in order to expose any kind of THCA consisted of within to sufficient heat to transform it into THC, or to mitigate the water volume to increase its concentration; will only result in the Bong Water tasting worse, and becoming even an ext carcinogenetic.

What’s the Difference in between Edibles and Bong Water?

The biggest difference in between Bong Water, Edibles and Infused Oils, as well as the quality of the extract concentrates, is that edibles and oils med the THC with fats. Even when you make your own Cannabutter or cannabis Coconut Oil, you are infusing this fats through the THC yourself.

Without fats, THC is harder come absorb when ingested. Unless you eat the Decarbed Weed itself, not also boiling it right into tea, will enable your body enough time to effectively absorb enough of the THC concentrate to receive the very same level of impact as eat an edible.

Final Thoughts

While drinking bong water have the right to be done, it is not something that we would certainly recommend. If you really insist on drinking your bong water, possibly drink that after you’ve used a cone or two.

The an ext cones the the water is offered to filter, and the older that gets, the worse it’s going to taste, and also the an ext carcinogenic impurities the is going to contain. Old Bong Water can even contain nasty bacteria that could leave you bedridden if you were to swallow them.

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One method to shot and boost the flavor of the Bong Water is come soak peppermint, basil, or various other flavorful pipeline and/or herbs in your Bong Water as you usage it. Not just will this help to enhance the odor of the water, it can also help to defuse the smoke also more, or even add to the flavor profile of her weed.